10 Cute Boy Names to Make you Swoon


Picking out baby names can be stressful. There are just so many options to choose from. Do you go for meaningful, popular, gender-neutral name or maybe honor your roots? How about you keep it simple and give him a name that’s gosh darn cute instead. Ahead are 10 cute boy names to make you swoon. 


1. Alfie

Alfie is a boy’s name of English origin, meaning “elf counsel or wise counsel.” A cute nickname for the more serious and proper Alfred, Alfie lends a playful and lovable air, the perfect elements of an adorable baby name. You may also like: Arlo, Archie, Albie, Amos, Atlas, Atticus, Quinn, Bennett, Dean, Duke, Harrison


2. Avi

Avi is a boy’s name of Hebrew origin, meaning “father.” One feature of this name is that it’s short, which arguably adds to its cuteness. Avi is thought to be a short form nickname for the names Avram or Avraham. Both of those are cute options, too, but not as cute as just Avi. You may also like: Ari, Ashby, Ace, Noah, Ezra, Avery, Elijah, Levi, Tobias, Joseph, Eli


3. Bowie

Bowie is a unisex name of Scottish, Gaelic, and Irish origin, meaning “yellow, fair-haired.” Some parents may choose this name for its obvious nod to David Bowie or because of the love Irish name options. Either way, this is an unexpected and cute choice for a little boy or girl. You may also like: Bodhi, Beau, Bailey, Liam, Jude, Cooper, Mason, Ryder, Adrian, Sawyer, Maxwell, Benedict, Jaxon, Brody


4. Emory

Emory is a boy’s name of German origin, meaning “home strength.” It has good-natured, affable vibes and is proof again that shorter names are the right choice for cute names. Emory is soft but also boyish at the same time. You may also like: Embry, Ermie, Elroy, Ambrose, Hugh, Aiden, Blake, Daniel, Lawson, Anthony


5. Graely

Graely is a unisex name of English origin, meaning “from the gray meadow.” There is something really cute about last names being used as first names, and Graely is one of them. The name sounds fitting for a little boy and a grown man, too. Whether the baby goes by Gray or Graely, the title is adorable, cute, and perfect for a sweet little boy. You may also like: Gulliver, Gus, Giles, Finn, Hugo, Theodore, Samuel, Isaac, Jayden, Carter, Garrett


6. Koa

Koa is a boy’s name of Hawaiian origin, meaning “warrior, brave one.” A sweet alternative to the ultra-popular Noa, Koa is an equally short but cute name that parents shouldn’t pass up. You may also like: Koda, Kai, Kyler, Onyx, Cole, Jett, Crew, Lincoln, Jasper, Benson


7. Ozzie

Ozzie is a boy’s name of Norse and German origin, meaning “bear god or God’s power.” Ozzie is an adorably cute baby name for a little boy. This name can be the chosen given name or a short version of Oswald or Osmond. You may also like: Otto, Oakley, Owen, Oliver, Wyatt, Otis, Knox, Caleb, Bentley, Charles, George, Beckett


8. Rhodri

Rhodri is a boy’s name of Welsh origin, meaning “wheel king.” Although Rhodri isn’t a chart-topper, it’s still a super cute option. Plus, the name sounds perfect for both a baby and a grown adult. So moms, if you’re looking for a name that can grow with baby into adulthood, Rhodri would be a good choice. You may also like: Rio, Romeo, Rowley, Logan, Maverick, Hudson, Fletcher, Austin, Moses, Axel


9. Teige

Teige is a boy’s name of Scottish origin, meaning “poet or philosopher.”  Another short but sweet name with a twist of unusual, Teige is a great Scottish choice that’s often overlooked. The name, which means, poet, it’s a cute name fitting for a child who has really cool parents. You may also like: Toby, Theo, Teddy, Phoenix, Dylan, Charlie, Declan, Kevin


10. Zeo

Zeo is a boy’s modern invented name. This modern name has that instant cool factor that all names that start with a Z always have, not to mention shorter names are definitely cuter. You may also like: Zuri, Zeev, Zeke, Leo, Maddox, Luca, Nathaniel, Leon, Valentino, Jace


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