100 Baby Names For Girls That Are Super Rare

Girl, Unique & Unusual

Choosing a name for your newborn is fun, but perhaps finding that perfect unique name for your baby girl is a little more challenging than you thought! To make your search easier, we’ve compiled a list of 100 baby girl names that are super rare that will make your daughter stand out in a good way.


1. Adaliah
“one that draws water, poverty, cloud, death.”


2. Affinity
“a natural liking for.


3. Aira


4. Aiva
“life; bird; water, island.


5. Aleria


6. Amel 


7. Ambria


8. Anasia
“friendly and hospitable.


9. Arina 


10. Asra
“nocturnal journey.


11. Astoria
“like a hawk.


12. Auralia


13. Avella
Place name.


14. Avriel
“to open.


15. Axelia
“my father is my peace.” The feminine version of Axel.


16. Bethea
“the maid-servant of Jehovah.


17. Bibiane
“live” and “lively.


18. Brienna


19. Brina


20. Carmela


21. Cassana
Meaning unknown.


22. Cosette
“people of victory.”


23. Damara


24. Dhara
“the earth.


25. Eila
“oak tree; bright, shining light.


26. Elara
“mortal lover of Zeus, cheerful.


27. Elia
“Jehovah is God.


28. Ellaria
Unknown meaning.  


29. Ellowyn
“elm tree.


30. Elma
“will-helmet or protection.


31. Emera
“industrious leader.


32. Emerly
“leader or ruler.


33. Endellion
“fire soul.”


34. Everdeen
“farmstead where the wild boars are seen.


35. Fable


36. Favianna


37. Feya


38. Helaine
“light.” Related to the Greek names Elaine and Helen.


39. Huntleigh
“meadow of the hunter.


40. Ieva
“life.” Lithuanian form of the name Eve.


41. Ilenia


42. Jera
“the harvest.


43. Jessamy
“jasmine flower.


44. Jorian
“farmer.” Jorian is a variant form of Joren version of George.


45. Jovana
“God is gracious.


46. Jovienne
“Jupiter.” French female version of Jovian.


47. Juniver
Meaning unknown.


48. Kaori
“scent, aroma, fabric, weave.


49. Kasia


50. Kelsa
“victorious ship.


51. Kezia
“sweet-scented spice.


52. Lainie
“bright shining one.


53. Leonora
“compassion or light.


54. Leora
“compassion or light.


55. Levana
“moon or white.


56. Liadan
“grey Lady.


57. Lilibet
“God is my oath.” Originates from the Hebrew name Elisheba.


58. Lorea


59. Lorella
“little laurel.


60. Maeva


61. Manon


62. Maris
“of the sea.


63. Mavelle


64. Medley
“woodland clearing of a man called Mada.


65. Milania
“black, dark-skinned, gracious, a person from Milan.


66. Minka
“resolute or strong, gilded helmet.


67. Naelia
“born on Christmas.


68. Naia
“dolphin; to flow; wave, seafoam.


69. Narah
“place name, happy.


70. Navara
“from the plains.”


71. Nera
“candle, light.


72. Nolwenn
“shining, pure or holy.


73. Novella
“new” or “young.


74. Odile
“fortunate or prosperous in battle.


75. Olea


76. Oliana


77. Olwen
“white footprint.


78. Omina
“woven, beauty, fruit trees.


79. Orina


80. Parisa


81. Phedora
“supreme gift.


82. Priya


83. Quinlin
“gently-shaped fellow, slender.


84. Raea


85. Raia


86. Reyna
“counsel; song; queen.


87. Rina
“joy, singing, melted, white yasmin, pure.


88. Roanne
“red-berry tree.


89. Roxana
“dawn; or, little star.


90. Sersha
“freedom.” A spelling variant of Saoirse.


91. Shanda
“African queen, goddess, stone.


92. Shauna
“God is gracious.


93. Siona
“stars, fox goddess.


94. Solenne


95. Treva
“prudent, great settlement.


96. Vara
“gift, chosen.


97. Wakely
“damp meadow.


98. Winley
“meadow in a forest glade.


99. Winola
“charming friend.


100. Zaira



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