gender neutral unisex baby names

100 Gender Neutral Baby Names

Gender-neutral baby names are androgynous or non-gendered names that do not specify your child’s gender identity or the sex they were born with. They are becoming a very popular trend; we’ve seen several celebrities choosing unisex monikers for their little ones. These baby names are strong and cool without being too feminine or masculine. If you’re considering a girl name or a boy name that’s both original and unexpected, you’ll find some great gender-neutral baby name choices in our list below.

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1. Addison

English origin, meaning: Son of Adam
Similar names: Ainsley, Abalone, Adair

2. Adrian

Latin origin, meaning: Man from Adria
Similar names: Armani, Aiden, Aderyn

3. Archer

English origin, meaning: Bowman
Similar names: Azariah, Ari, Alaska

4. Arden

English origin, meaning: Eagle valley
Similar names: Avis, Atlas, Azure

5. Arlo

English origin, meaning: Fortified hill
Similar names: Alex, Ariel, Ali

6. Aubrey

English origin, meaning: Elf power
Similar names: Amory, Aspen, August

7. Auden

English origin, meaning: Old friend
Similar names: Alfie, Andie, Ashton

8. Austin

English origin, meaning: Majestic
Similar names: Austen, Ash, Ashley

9. Avery

English origin, meaning: Elf counsel
Similar names: Angel, Andy, Asa

10. Bailey

Old English origin, meaning: Bailiff
Similar names: Baldwin, Baker, Blaine

11. Baylor

English and Irish origin, meaning: Fine friend
Similar names: Blair, Briar, Bay

12. Bellamy

English and Irish origin, meaning: Fine friend
Similar names: Billie, Bergen, Bevan

13. Blakely

English origin, meaning: Dark wood
Similar names: Blake, Brighton, Blue

14. Bodhi

Sanskrit origin, meaning: Enlightenment
Similar names: Brooklyn, Bobbie, Bowie

15. Carson

Scottish origin, meaning: Marsh dweller
Similar names: Cameron, Charlie, Crimson

16. Cassidy

Irish origin, meaning: Curly-haired
Similar names: Campbell, Callaway, Cypress

17. Cohen

Hebrew origin, meaning: Priest
Similar names: Channing, Caelan, Carter

18. Colby

Norse origin, meaning: Coal settlement
Similar names: Cove, Casey, Cody

19. Dakota

Native American origin, meaning: Friendly
Similar names: Domino, Dale, Dane

20. Dallas

English and Scottish origin, meaning: Meadow dwelling
Similar names: Darian, Darby, Daryl

21. Declan

English and Irish origin, meaning: Endowed with goodness
Similar names: Dawson, Dorian, Dana

22. Delaney

Irish origin, meaning: Dark challenger
Similar names: Delta, Denver, Devin

23. Drew

English origin, meaning: Manliness
Similar names: Darcy, Dean, Demi

24. Dylan

Welsh origin, meaning: Sea
Similar names: Devan, Denim, Dion

25. Easton

English origin, meaning: East settlement
Similar names: Eleven, Ellary, Ellender

26. Eden

Hebrew origin, meaning: Pleasure, paradise
Similar names: Echo, Elim, Ellar

27. Emery

German origin, meaning: Industrious
Similar names: Ever, Ember, Emory

28. Ellery

English origin, meaning: Alder tree
Similar names: Ellington, Ezra, Emrys

29. Elliot

English origin, meaning: Yahweh is god
Similar names: East, Early, Eddie

30. Ellis

English origin, meaning: Benevolent
Similar names: Edison, Edris, Eiffel

31. Ellison

English origin, meaning: Son of Ellis
Similar names: Eivor, Eli, Elias

32. Emerson

German origin, meaning: Son of Emery
Similar names: Everly, Evren, Elixir

33. Emmett

German origin, meaning: Universal
Similar names: Evan, Elm, Everest

34. Finley

Scottish origin, meaning: Fair hero
Similar names: Frankie, Fifer, Finn

35. Hadley

English origin, meaning: Heather field
Similar names: Harley, Harlem, Hudson

36. Harlow

English origin, meaning: Hare’s meadow
Similar names: Halston, Hollis, Harbor

37. Harper

Roots in Ireland, England, and Scotland, meaning: Harp player
Similar names: Hale, Haskell, Hayes

38. Hartley

English origin, meaning: Hart clearing
Similar names: Hart, Henley, Holland

39. Haven

English origin, meaning: Refuge
Similar names: Hutton, Halo, Hazen

40. Hayden

English origin, meaning: Hedged valley
Similar names: Hopper, Haley, Halsey

41. Hunter

English origin, meaning: Word name
Similar names: Honor, Hanan, Harland

42. Jaden

Hebrew origin, meaning: Jehovah has heard
Similar names: Jordan, Jessie, Jaylin

43. James

English origin, meaning: Supplanter
Similar names: Jamie, Jesse, Jackie

44. Jude

English origin, meaning: Praise
Similar names: Jupiter, Jodie, Justice

45. Kaden

Modern invented name
Similar names: Kai, Kameron, Keely

46. Kelsey

English origin, meaning: Ship’s victory
Similar names: Kerry, Kris, Kelly

47. Kendall

English origin, meaning: Royal valley
Similar names: Kyle, Kyrie, Kale

48. Kennedy

Irish origin, meaning: Helmet head
Similar names: Keegan, Kylar, Kylin

49. Kenley

English origin, meaning: King’s meadow
Similar names: Kingsley, Kit, Kirby

50. Landry

French origin, meaning: Land ruler
Similar names: Lyric, Lachlan, Laken

51. Lane

English origin, meaning: Small path
Similar names: Langley, Lark, Laurent

52. Leighton

English origin, meaning: Place of the meadow
Similar names: Lexington, Lyle, Lou

53. Linden

English origin, meaning: Lime tree
Similar names: Landon, Lindsay, London

54. Lennon

Irish origin, meaning: Lover or dear one
Similar names: Lake, Leslie, Loren

55. Lennox

Scottish origin, meaning: Elm grove
Similar names: Lux, Leaf, Lesley

56. Logan

Scottish origin, meaning: Little hollow
Similar names: Lonnie, Lynx, Laramie

57. Madison

English origin, meaning: Son of Maud
Similar names: Marion, Mackenzie, Montana

58. Mallory

English via French origin, meaning: Unfortunate
Similar names: Murphy, Mika, Madden

59. Marley

English origin, meaning: From the lake meadow
Similar names: Maddox, Maitland, Marin

60. Marlow

English origin, meaning: Driftwood
Similar names: Micah, Merritt, Milan

61. Mason

English origin, meaning: Stoneworker
Similar names: Mckenna, Mckinley, Memphis

62. Maxwell

Scottish origin, meaning: Mack’s stream
Similar names: Monroe, Miller, Monahan

63. Mercer

French origin, meaning: Merchant
Similar names: Merrill, Monet, Macey

64. Morgan

Welsh origin, meaning: Sea circle
Similar names: Macen, Madigan, Maguire

65. Nico

Greek origin, meaning: Victory of the people
Similar names: Nevada, Nova, Navy

66. Noah

Hebrew origin, meaning: Rest
Similar names: Noel, Nolan, Nelly

67. Orion

Greek origin, meaning: Hunter
Similar names: Ollie, Onyx, Oak

68. Owen

Welsh origin, meaning: Young warrior
Similar names: Ocean, Oakley, Oleander

69. Palmer

English origin, meaning: Palm bearer
Similar names: Paige, Poet, Patton

70. Parker

English origin, meaning: Park keeper
Similar names: Perry, Pax, Poe

71. Payton

English origin, meaning: Fighters estate
Similar names: Peyton, Porter, Paxton

72. Piper

English origin, meaning: Pipe player
Similar names: Penrose, Percy, Peregrine

73. Presley

English origin, meaning: Lives by the heath
Similar names: Phoenix, Psalm, Pfeiffer

74. Quinn

Irish origin, meaning: Wisdom or chief
Similar names: Quincy, Quill, Quinlan

75. Reagan

Irish origin, meaning: Little king
Similar names: Robbie, Rebel, Raleigh

76. Reese

English origin, meaning: Ardent, fiery
Similar names: Rene, Ramsey, Rayne

77. Reeve

English origin, meaning: Bailiff
Similar names: Reed, Revel, Rio

78. Remy

French origin, meaning: Oarsman
Similar names: Rumi, Remington, Roan

79. Riley

Irish origin, meaning: Rye clearing
Similar names: Ripley, Ryan, Ryder

80. River

English origin, meaning: Word name
Similar names: Royal, Radley, Ranger

81. Rory

Irish origin, meaning: Red-haired king
Similar names: Rae, Rhodes, Ricky

82. Rowan

Irish origin, meaning: Red-haired
Similar names: Robin, Reef, Rome

83. Rylan

English origin, meaning: Island meadow
Similar names: Ronnie, Roux, Rudy

84. Salem

Hebrew origin, meaning: Peaceful, complete
Similar names: Shiloh, Sage, Sidney

85. Sasha

Russian origin, meaning: Defender of men
Similar names: Seneca, Skye, Shay

86. Sawyer

English origin, meaning: Sawer of wood
Similar names: Sammie, Samar, Scout

87. Saylor

English via French origin, meaning: Dancer
Similar names: Sol, Story, Seath

88. Shea

Irish origin, meaning: Admirable
Similar names: Shawn, Shane, Shore

89. Shelby

English origin, meaning: Willow grove
Similar names: Stevie, Simone, Somers

90. Sloane

Irish origin, meaning: Raider
Similar names: Shannon, Santana, Sutton

91. Skylar

Dutch origin, meaning: Scholar
Similar names: Sunny, Sabin, Sable

92. Spencer

English origin, meaning: Dispenser of provisions
Similar names: Storm, Sadler, Saint

93. Sterling

English origin, meaning: Starling
Similar names: Sander, Saxon, Schuyler

94. Tate

English and Norse origin, meaning: Cheerful
Similar names: Tyler, Timber, True

95. Vesper

Latin origin, meaning: Evening star
Similar names: Venice, Valentine, Val

96. Wilmer

English origin, meaning: Determined fame
Similar names: Wallace, Wesley, Whitney

97. Winter

English origin, meaning: Season name
Similar names: West, Weston, Wilder

98. Wyatt

English origin, meaning: Brave in war
Similar names: Windsor, Wynn, Wren

99. Zaire

African origin, meaning: Place name
Similar names: Zion, Zephyr, Zain

100. Zuri

Swahili origin, meaning: Beautiful
Similar names: Zen, Ziggy, Zoe

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