20 Of The Most Girly Girl Names Ever

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A girly girl is a girl who unapologetically embraces her femininity. If this sounds like you, or your future little princesses, then this list is for you. Finding a name that will capture your daughter’s inner and outer beauty is no simple task, a name is a lifetime commitment, NBD. Luckily for you, we’re here to help you on your quest. The names on this list aren’t necessarily new, rare, or unique, in fact, you’ve probably heard them all before (don’t worry we’ve provided alternatives for the uber-popular ones) but what we will say is that they are the most feminine names around. We hope you find this list all things pink, sparkly, and girly.

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1. Anastasia

Meaning: Resurrection
Origin: Russian


2. Arabella

Meaning: To pray, prayer
Origin: Latin


3. Aurelia

Meaning: Golden
Origin: Latin


4. Azalea

Meaning: Dry
Origin: Greek


5. Brielle

Meaning: Hunting ground
Origin: French


6. Evangeline

Meaning: Gospel
Origin: Latin


7. Felicity

Meaning: Good fortune
Origin: French


8. Gabriella

Meaning: Man of God
Origin: Italian and Spanish


9. Isabella

Meaning: Consecrated to God
Origin: Italian and Spanish


10. Jasmine

Meaning: Flower
Origin: Persian


11. Juliette

Meaning: Youthful
Origin: French


12. Lilly

Meaning: Lily flower
Origin: English


13. Penelope

Meaning: Duck
Origin: Greek


14. Priscilla

Meaning: Ancient
Origin: Latin


15. Scarlett

Meaning: A seller of rich bright fabrics
Origin: English


16. Seraphina

Meaning: Burning ones
Origin: Hebrew


17. Tatiana

Meaning: Unknown
Origin: Russian


18. Tiffany

Meaning: Epiphany
Origin: Greek


19. Valentina

Meaning: Healthy
Origin: Latin


20. Victoria

Meaning: Victory
Origin: Latin


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