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25 Irish Names for Girls That Aren’t Popular in America

Choosing a name for your baby girl is a beautiful journey that allows you to explore a rich tapestry of cultures, traditions, and meanings. While Irish names have long been beloved for their lyrical beauty and historical depth, many parents in America tend to gravitate toward a few well-known favorites like Erin, Caitlin, and Shannon. However, Ireland boasts a treasure trove of unique and enchanting names that remain relatively under the radar in the United States. In this list, we delve into 25 Irish names for girls that aren’t popular in America, offering fresh inspiration for parents seeking a name with timeless charm and a touch of Gaelic magic.

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1. Aine

2. Aoife

3. Bride

4. Eilish

5. Eithne

6. Emer

7. Etain

8. Fia

9. Flannery

10. Grania

11. Laoise

12. Leannan

13. Liadan

14. Niamh

15. Nuala

16. Oona

17. Orla

18. Orna

19. Sabia

20. Shea

21. Sinead

22. Siobhan

23. Sorcha

24. Tierney

25. Una

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