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25 Super Unusual Boy Names That Will Help Your Son Stand Out

Choosing a popular baby name sounds great in theory, but what about when your son is one of five Liams in his class? Finding a unique baby name can be a challenge; today’s parents want something special enough that no other kids will have but familiar enough that their child won’t be met with confused faces when he tells someone his name. So If you are looking for a name that is less popular and a bit more unusual, then you may want to dig a little deeper to give your baby something to help him stand out. To help, we compiled a list of 25 super unusual boy names that you can be sure no one else in the class will have. Keep scrolling for our 25 faves.

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1. Ayize

Let it happen (African) 
Ayzie feels magical and makes a really adorable name for your little bundle of joy.
You may also like: Addae, Amsterdam, Alfio


2. Burgess

Freeman of a borough (English)
Burgess has an old-fashioned vibe, and it’s certainly a baby name you don’t hear every day.
You may also like: Barclay, Brochan, Bayard


3. Caradoc

Love (Welsh)
Though Caradoc as a first name has yet to make the jump to popularity, we think it is a unique name that implies both stability and adventure.
You may also like: Cairbre, Clifton, Celyn


4. Culver

Dove (English)
An English surname, Culver is a chic and preppy name for a baby boy.
You may also like: Corentin, Corrado, Cordovan


5. Dalzell

Bright or white (Scottish)
It is similar in sound to the more common Denzel, but it has a spunk that might be perfect for your little ball of light.
You may also like: Dakarai, Dakson, Davian


6. Enlai

Favor coming (Chinese)
It could easily fit in with the likes of Elijah and Eli but has a more exotic sound that is sweetly unique.
You may also like: Edsel, Erland, Eladio


7. Eunan

Esteemed, beloved; emerald (Scottish)
Eunan may sound a little different, but it means “beloved,”—which is definitely a timeless characteristic to have.
You may also like: Eckhard, Elsdon, Edric


8. Finbar

Fair-haired (Irish)
If your little guy has fair hair and you want a uniquely classic name that will stand the test of time, Finbar may be a fitting choice.
You may also like: Ferdinand, Faulkner, Fidel


9. Gaspar

Treasurer (Spanish)
Maybe your little boy is as precious as a treasurer, so why not give your this retro-fitting name.
You may also like: Gower, Gerhard, Gershom


10. Hamish

Supplanter (Scottish)
A Scottish variation of James spins on the name James can be found in multiple languages. In French, there’s Jacques, in Spanish, Santiago. Even Russian has Yakov. A derivative of Jacob, the name Hamish takes the same meaning: “supplanter.”
You may also like: Hallam, Hanan, Huber


11. Iman

Faithful (Arabic)
The name sounds both edgy and intelligent.
You may also like: Ilario, Ignatius, Imanol


12. Javen

Greece or wine (Hebrew)
Following a year where biblical names were huge, Javen is prepped to be potentially more popular than the newly successful name Jaden.
You may also like: Jabin, Japheth, Jorgen


13. Kessem

Predicting (Hebrew)
Kessem just sounds cool to say, doesn’t it? Nevertheless, Kessem also carries a cool meaning.
You may also like: Kimbren, Konstantin, Klemens


14. Lowen

Happy (Cornish)
If you’d like your little one’s life to be full of good cheer and contentment, then this name could get him off to a wonderful start.
You may also like: Leathan, Lorimer, Leonid


15. Munro

Man from the River Roe (Scottish)
Its meaning may sound a little plain, but nothing is boring about this unique name.
You may also like: Mauro, Montague, Morten


16. Norris

Northern (French)
Norris is new to the roster and as rare as they come. It is a popular surname, though, which makes it familiar, yet uncommon.
You may also like: Norval, Norbert, Nestor


17. Omero

Security, pledge, or hostage (Greek)
With its cross-cultural appeal, we’re pretty confident we will see it on the charts soon.
You may also like: Obadias, Osbert, Othello


18. Pascoe

Easter (Cornish origin)
For many families, Easter is a magical time, so here’s a subtle way to keep that holiday spirit year-round. This could be an excellent option for a spring baby!
You may also like: Patton, Pavel, Peregrine


19. Rhodri

Wheel king (Welsh)
This soft but rugged sound brings to mind the misty hills and magic of the Welsh countryside.
You may also like: Rayner, Ruslan, Rudiger


20. Silvius

Wood (Latin)
Silvius is the perfect nod to nature without needing it to be right in the face.
You may also like: Sevastyan, Sinclair, Sorrel


21. Tobin

Goodness of God (Hebrew)
With biblical names getting renewed interest, handsome Tobin merits a second look — even though it’s rare, it’s familiar sounding yet unique enough to work for a modern boy.
You may also like: Timian, Tammaro, Tomer


22. Uzi

Power of might (Hebrew)
Uzi is strong, powerful, and offers great meaning to families looking to represent their Hebrew faith.
You may also like: Ulrich, Ultan, Ulysses


23. Valentine

Healthy, strong (English)
Parents who choose this saints’ name often call their little guy Vale for short.
You may also like: Vlad, Vance, Vladimir


24. Warwick

Settlement by the weir (English)
Warwick is a wonderful old-school boy’s name for parents looking for a classy option for their newborn.
You may also like: Waldo, Willoughby, Wolfgang


25. Zealand

Sea-land (English and Danish)
This is a fun first name that could have a cute nickname of Zea as well.
You may also like: Zuberi, Zadok, Zemin

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