celtic baby names for boys

32 Celtic Baby Names for Boys

Full of rich history and exciting legends, the Celts were an ancient tribe of warriors that roamed throughout northern Europe, notably in Ireland and Scotland. Celtic boy names have ties in various origins, from Scotland, Wales, Breton, Ireland, England, and Northern Spain, making it the perfect place to find baby boy names. If you’re looking for a name from Celtic heritage, look no further we’ve rounded up 32 Celtic names for baby boys to add to your list.


1. Alroy

Irish origin, meaning: Red-haired
Similar names: Aidan, Angus, Afton


2. Alsandair

Irish origin, meaning: The avenger
Similar names: Ahearn, Alisdair, Aodh


3. Annan

Celtic origin, meaning: From the brook
Similar names: Allen, Anyon, Aodhan


4. Arthur

Celtic origin, meaning: Bear
Similar names: Adare, Aghy, Aidrian


5. Auley

Irish name, meaning: Ancestor’s descendant
A form of the Scandinavian name Olaf.
Similar names: Avan, Ailfrid, Alban


6. Avon

English of Celtic origin, meaning: River name
Avon is a boy’s name of English origin that is from a settlement on one of the rivers called Avon or Aven. The river’s name is derived from the Celtic word abona for ‘river.’ Warwickshire Avon, England, is believed to be the birthplace of William Shakespeare. The name Avon is stylishly short and delightfully unusual.
Similar names: Aengus, Aeron, Aneurin


7. Balor

Celtic origin, meaning: The deadly one
Balor is the leader of a group of malevolent supernatural beings. Balor is known in Irish mythology as a giant one-eyed monster that wreaks destruction.
Similar names: Blaine, Barry, Bedwyr


8. Benen

Irish origin, meaning: Mild
Benen is the name of an ancient Irish saint.
Similar names: Bowen, Brenden, Brieg


9. Branan

Irish origin, meaning: Sorrow
Irish variant of Brannan from Mac Branáin.

Similar names: Braden, Brian, Bowden


10. Brone

Irish origin, meaning: Sorrowful
Similar names: Baethan, Bradaigh, Breasal


11. Cairbre

Irish name, meaning: Chariot rider
Name associated with Cairbre Cinnchait, a legendary 1st-century usurper High King of Ireland.

Similar names: Cormac, Caedmon, Caradoc


12. Cathal

Irish origin, meaning: Battle rule
Derived from two Celtic elements: cath, means “battle”; val, means “rule.”
Similar names: Colm, Callum, Coinneach


13. Conlan

Irish origin, meaning: Hero
Similar names: Connor, Cath, Caden


14. Dallan

Irish origin, meaning: Blind
Similar names: Desmond, Duncan, Domhnall


15. Devine

Irish origin, meaning: Ox, stag
Shortened Anglicized Form Of Either Gaelic Names Ó Duibhín or Ó Daimhín.
Similar names: Douglas, Daire, Dillon


16. Donal

Irish origin, meaning: World rule
From earlier, Domhnall derived from Old Celtic dubno ‘world’ and val ‘rule’.
Similar names: Dylan, Domnall, Donnchad


17. Eoghan

Irish Gaelic origin, meaning: Born of the yew tree
According to Irish legend, Eóghan was one of the two sons of Niall of the Nine Hostages.
Similar names: Ernan, Eoin, Elroy


18. Evoy

Irish origin, meaning: Blond
Irish surname originally from Gaelic Mac Fhiodhbhuidhe.
Similar names: Eonan, Errigal, Eachan


19. Fagan

Irish, Gaelic origin, meaning: Little ardent one
Fagan is derived from the Gaelic O Faodhagain. Variations of the name Fagan include Fegan and Fagen.
Similar names: Finn, Farrell, Fergus


20. Gareth

Welsh, Celtic origin, meaning: Unknown
A boy’s Celtic name from Morte d’Arthur of uncertain meaning. Pet form: Gary.
Similar names: Gallagher, Gawaine, Geralt


21. Gavin

Welsh origin, meaning: White hawk
Gavin was a name borne in Arthurian legend by one of the knights at the round table.
Similar names: Gordon, Graham, Gillean


22. Innes

Scottish origin, meaning: Island
Originally a surname from Gaelic inis ‘island, piece of land.’
Similar names: Inerney, Inys, Irial


23. Kenall

British, Old Cornish name, meaning: Generous chief
Derived from the ancient British word Cunosaglas.
Similar names: Keane, Keith, Kealan


24. Kerwin

Irish origin, meaning: Little dark one
Similar names: Kelvin, Kearney, Kegan


25. Manus

Irish origin, meaning: Greatest
An old Irish name associated with heroes, scholars, and poets.
Similar names: Murphy, Maddox, Malcolm


26. Neason

Irish origin, meaning: From the headland
The name of a saint and from the Gaelic personal name Ness.
Similar names: Niall, Neil, Nessan


27. Ossian

Old Irish mythology origin, meaning: Stag, little deer
Similar names: Oisin, Odhran, Otheran


28. Owney

Irish, Gaelic origin, meaning: Green
Owney is an alternate form of Hewney.
Similar names: Owen, Osgur, Oran


29. Padraig

Irish Gaelic origin, meaning: Patrician, noble
Similar names: Patrick, Phelan, Peadar


30. Rònan

Irish origin, meaning: Little seal
Similar names: Rowan, Riordan, Ronald


31. Toryn

Irish origin, meaning: Chief
Similar names: Tadhg, Tiernan, Trevor


32. Ultan

Irish origin, meaning: A man from Ulster
Similar names: Ualtar, Uaine, Uaid


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