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40 Adorable Modern Unisex Baby Names

Gender-neutral names are becoming more and more popular; from celebrities to the parents next door, unisex baby names are now commonplace. These days, there are very few rules regarding what parents can name their child, so more names are considered unisex. And what’s not to love about unisex names? They are trendy, stylish, and can make a statement, all still while remaining classic; the best thing is anyone can wear them. Not to mention, gender-neutral names are a subtle nod to society that we are not so held up on “gender norms” anymore. Want to name your little girl a boy’s name? Go for it. Here are 40 unisex names to add to your list.

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1. Adley

Judicious An adorably sweet name that’s currently being given to both baby boys and girls, although it tends to be almost twice as popular with girls. You may also like: Arden


2. Amery

Work rule Amery is one of the names on our list that is unique and adorable. You don’t hear it very often no matter if it is a boy or a girl. You may also like: Avery


3. Aniston

Resurrection Aniston is both beautiful and striking, a combination in a name that is hard to find. It is good for parents that are looking for a trending name that has not grown to its full potential as of yet. Moreover, it is so easy to swap it out for a boy or a girl! You may also like: Andy, Ash


4. Bentley

Bentgrass meadow While it may forever be thought of as a luxury car, Bentley is still an adorable name for a baby. It’s a name that has been commonly used more for boys but the sweet -ley ending makes it 100 percent wearable for a girl.  You may also like: Baldwin


5. Bowie

Yellow, fair-haired Bowie is a cute and quirky name that can fit any little boy or girl. You may also like: Blue


6. Camden

From the winding valley Camden has usually been a very likable name for boys only, though, it’s become a favored one for girls also. The meaning is pretty plain, but the name itself has a nice modern ring to it. You may also like: Celyn


7. Cedar

Tree Lovers of nature will appreciate this name. You may also like: Carden


8. Corin

Spear This unisex name couldn’t be more versatile when it comes to gender and personality. You may also like: Cameron


9. Devon

Place name Devon is often automatically associated with boys, but it definitely isn’t that way anymore. You may also like: Dallas


10. Diem

Day Part of the phrase Carpe diem ( seize the day),  this name is definitely gender-neutral appeal not to mention it’s short and simple. But as simple as it is, Ari still inspires elegance and class for both sexes. You may also like: Dylan


11. Eisley

Cheerful Seen as, happy, upbeat name, Eisley is a great choice if you’re in search of a unique, gender-neutral name. You may also like: Emerson


12. Eloah

The living God What a darling first name to be given whether male or female. Eloah is a beautiful, classical, biblical name that is a perfect alternative to the popular unisex name Noah. You may also like: Ezra


13. Embry

Flat-Topped Hill Embry is lovely as a boy’s name because it is strong and confident but has a gentle cadence to it. For girls, it is beautiful as is but can also be shortened to the more feminine versions of  Bri and Emmy. You may also like: Eleven


14. Fallon

Leader Recently, it seems that the name is now more popular for girls than it is for boys. Why not flip the script and consider Fallon for a son’s name? You may also like: Finley


15. Hartford

The place where deer cross There is something that is magical about a really old-fashioned name like “Hartford”, while this vintage name was traditionally used for males, it’s got just the right about of hip and preppy that make it work for a girl, and how cute is the nickname “hart”? You may also like: Hunter


16. Henley

High meadow The name Henley sounds trendy and classic for both genders but is often thought of as a girls’ name. You may also like: Hayden, Harper


17. Indigo

Dark blue This name can be seen as an incredibly strong one for a little girl or a modern trendy choice for a boy. And we can’t resist the nickname Indie. You may also like: Indica


18. Jorah

Early rain Traditionally a boys’ name, Jorah is now being given to girls as well—possibly as an alternative to the increasingly popular Noah. You may also like: Jordan, Jamie, James, Jesse


19. Kiernan

Little dark one Kiernan feels masculine at first but once you have seen it on a little girl, you can see how well it plays for both genders. You may also like: Kennedy, Kai


20. Lorien

Literary name This name is soft for a girl and yet when placed on a boy it somehow manages to shift and appear strong and valiant. You may also like: Logan


21. Luca

light It’s been popularly used as a boy’s name, but it would be just as cute for a baby girl. It can also be spelled as Sean or Shaun. You may also like: Leith


22. Maren

Sea Usually attracting a feminine crowd, Maven strikes the modern-day parent because of its strength and old-school vibe. You may also like: Morgan, Mason


23. Maven

One who understands Maven is a sweet and charming name that you just don’t hear very often. It is perfect for the parents who want a name that their child won’t share with a handful of classmates. You may also like: Marley, Madison


24. Noa

Movement It’s damn near impossible to go to a park without running into a little Noa these days. The name has shot up in popularity over the past few years for both boys and girls. You can also opt to spell it Noah to better suit a boy. You may also like: Neo


25. Northley

North enclosure Kim popularized the name North name when her and Kanye’s first child was born in 2013. However, we like the name Northey more because it has a strong start with a soft and darling finish, it can also be shortened to North. You may also like: Noble


26. Oakley

Oaktree It’s popular all-around, although slightly more with girls. Who wouldn’t want this lovely bohemian nature name? You may also like: Quinn


27. Perrin

Stone An incredibly unique and but somehow familiar sounding name, Perrin can be used for any gender. You may also like: Phoenix, Parker, Peyton, Paris


28. Remi

Oarsman or remedy Remi has become slightly more popular with girls than boys in recent years. No matter what gender you use it for this name is equal parts adorable and sweet. You may also like: Reese


29. Renly

Modern invented name Not common enough yet not quite rare enough to turn heads, Renly is a perfect name to suit and welcome any new human into the world. You may also like: Rory


30. Ridley

Reed clearing Riley is a name that is well-loved by a lot of people but Ridley is a quirky alternative that fits either gender. You may also like: Rowan


31. Rue

Herb Name This name is short, unique, and easy to pronounce. You may also like: Ryan


32. Sage

Wise One of the good things about the name Sage is that it was never made to be either a male or female name, so if you are slightly hesitant at breaking a lot of gender barriers, this is a good choice for you. You may also like: Sawyer


33. Sheridan

Seeker Boy or girl, Sheridan is a great name for parents who are searching for a gender-neutral choice that is strong and classic. You may also like: Spencer


34. Stevie

Often a nickname for Stephanie, Stephen, or Steven, Stevie has become popular with the girls over the years as a stand-alone name. You may also like: Shea


35. Sutton

Southern settlement The name Sutton is short, sweet, and has a bit of a southern feel to it, and it is perfect for your little boy or girl on the way. You may also like: Sloan


36. Taylen

Modern invented name Taylen has only been growing in popularity, probably due to the fact that it checks so many boxes for today’s parents. It’s easy to spell, unique, trendy, feels different, and is gender-neutral. What more can a parent ask for? You may also like: Tatum


37. Tierney

Lord or master Tierney is a quirky Irish name that parents are loving right now. It is such a sweet name that it is no wonder that people are naming both their baby boys and baby girls this one. You may also like: Tarian


38. Windsor

Landing place with a windlass Although the meaning isn’t very interesting, the name sounds equally cool for a boy or a girl. You may also like: Wallis


39. Wylie

Resolute protection Turning the classic William into a fun, cute, and unisex option seems to be more and more appealing, especially when it is not heard very often around the playground. You may also like: Wynn


40. Xael

From the sea If you really want to turn heads, you may want to give this name to your little girl. You may also like: Zion

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