40 Beautiful Rare Girl Names You May Have Missed

Girl, Unique & Unusual

Naming babies is more complicated than one might think. And sometimes, it just feels like everything out there is overdone. That’s why it can be so refreshing to come across a rare moniker that you don’t necessarily see everywhere. Adventurous parents-to-be who are interested in an unexpected and out-of-the-ordinary baby name have many choices these days, as unusual and unique names are all the rage. Whether you’re seeking a name that stands out from the rest of the crowd or one that reflects your daughter’s individuality, we’ve got 40 beautiful but rare baby names for girls that you might have missed.


1. Aella

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Whirlwind


2. Aneira

Origin: Welsh
Meaning: Much snow


3. Arista

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Harvest


4. Beatrix

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Blessed


5. Carys

Origin: Welsh
Meaning: Love


6. Ciela

Origin: Spanish
Meaning: Sky or heaven


7. Darya

Origin: Russian
Meaning: Good ruler


8. Dasha

Origin: Russian
Meaning: Possess and good


9. Elysia

Origin: Latin
Meaning: From the blessed isles


10. Endora

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Light


11. Genoveva

Origin: Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian
Meaning: White spirit


12. Graciela

Origin: Spanish
Meaning: Favor; grace


13. Halina

Origin: Greek and Slavic
Meaning: Shining light


14. Ilaria

Origin: Italian
Meaning: Cheerful


15. Kalila

Origin: Arabic
Meaning: Beloved


16. Katharina

Origin: Slavic, German, and Scandinavian
Meaning: Pure


17. Kenaya

Origin: African
Meaning: Glory to God


18. Layana

Origin: Persian, Arabic, Sanskrit
Meaning: Radiant


19. Lissandra

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Defender of men


20. Lumina

Origin: Spanish
Meaning: Brilliant light


21. Mireille

Origin: French
Meaning: To admire


22. Noelia

Origin: Spanish
Meaning: Christmas


23. Nuria

Origin: Catalan, Arabic
Meaning: Virigin of Nuria, light


24. Nyala

Origin: African
Meaning: Mountain goat


25. Oliviane

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Olive tree


26. Orenda

Origin: Native American
Meaning: Great spirit, magical power


27. Pamina

Origin: Italian
Meaning: Little honey


28. Phaedra

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Bright


29. Qiana

Origin: Persian
Meaning: Star


30. Raziya

Origin: African Swahili
Meaning: Agreeable


31. Rowena

Origin: Anglo-Saxon
Meaning: Famous joy


32. Seona

Origin: Scottish
Meaning: God is gracious


33. Soraya

Origin: Persian
Meaning: Jewel


34. Tavia

Origin: Spanish
Meaning: Eighth


35. Tierra

Origin: Spanish
Meaning: Earth


36. Trina

Origin: Scandinavian
Meaning: Pure


37. Verity

Origin: French via Latin
Meaning: Truth


38. Vieira

Origin: Spanish
Meaning: Scallop


39. Zaida

Origin: Arabic
Meaning: To increase


40. Zavia

Origin: Basque and Spanish
Meaning: New house



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