40 Beautiful Rare Girl Names You May Have Missed

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Naming babies is more complicated than one might think. And sometimes, it just feels like everything out there is overdone. That’s why it can be so refreshing to come across a rare moniker that you don’t necessarily see everywhere. Adventurous parents-to-be who are interested in an unexpected and out-of-the-ordinary baby name have many choices these days, as unusual and unique names are all the rage. Whether you’re seeking a name that stands out from the rest of the crowd or one that reflects your daughter’s individuality, we’ve got 40 beautiful but rare baby names for girls that you might have missed.

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1.  Aella

The name Aella means “whirlwind” and is of Greek origin. Aella is a gorgeous name option for parents who like names that start with vowels but want to avoid the more popular options like Amelia or Ella. You may also like: Annella, Afryea, Adhra


2. Aneira

The name Aneira is a girl’s name meaning “much snow” and is of Welsh origin. Aneira is light and beautiful, not to mention ancient and sophisticated. It’s the perfect name for a baby girl born or conceived in the winter. You may also like: Aerwyna, Andrine, Avalon


3. Arista

The name Arista is a girl’s name meaning “harvest“ and is of Greek origin. Arista is an alluring baby name choice that has a bit of style to it. You may also like: Aradia, Annika, Anitra


4. Beatrix

The name Beatrix is a girl’s name meaning “blessed” and is of Latin origin. Beatrix is a refreshing update on the classic name Beatrice; shortening it to Bella, Bea or Trixie could also be super adorable for a young girl who hasn’t yet grown into her name. You may also like: Basra, Bellatrix, Bevan


5. Carys

The name Carys is a girl’s name meaning “love” and is of Welsh origin. Carys is a sweet-sounding combined name with an even sweeter meaning. You may also like: Carola, Caitriona, Calixta


6. Ciela

The name Ciela is a girl’s name meaning “sky or heaven” and is of Spanish origin. Looking for a “heavenly” name? Ciela is not only a divine choice but is also all sorts of adorable. You may also like: Ceara, Cecily, Ceinwen


7. Darya

Darya is a girl’s name meaning “good ruler“ and is of Russian origin. What a perfect name to bestow to a baby girl who will become a strong and empowered woman one day. You may also like: Dallis, Daveigh, Delmi


8. Dasha

Dasha is a girl’s name meaning “possess and good“ and is of Russian origin. It is short and sweet, with a tough and modern vibe to it. You may also like: Demna, Desdemona, Desta


9. Elysia

The name Elysia is a girl’s name meaning “from the blessed isles” and is of Latin origin. This name hits the sweet spot of sounding familiar but not being overused. You may also like: Eilish, Elfleda, Ellasandra


10. Endora

Endora is a girl’s name meaning “light” and is of Greek origin. It may seem unusual, but theirs a great chance she’ll never meet someone else with this name, and shortening it to Dora is a possibility that makes our hearts swoon. You may also like: Elaena, Emmanuela, Etienne


11. Genoveva

Genoveva is a girl’s name meaning “white spirit” and is of Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian origin. Parents looking for a longer name with plenty of built-in nickname options might just love Genoveva; we love the cute nicknames of Gena, Gen, Nova, Eva, or Veva. You may also like: Gaetana, Gehenna, Giustina


12. Graciela

Graciela is a girl’s name meaning “favor; grace” and is of Spanish origin. Combining vintage and class, Graciela is a hybrid of beauty and grace. You may also like: Granetta, Grania, Gauri


13. Halina

The name Halina is a girl’s name meaning “shining light“ and is of Greek and Slavic origin. As a name, Halina is elegant and charming, with options for creative nicknames (Hali or Lina). You may also like: Hadiya, Hestia, Hulda


14. Ilaria

The name Ilaria is a girl’s name meaning “cheerful” and is of Italian origin. Ilaria is one of those baby names that make you think happy thoughts. You may also like: Indira, Isaura, Ines


15. Kalila

Kalila is a girl’s name meaning “beloved” and is of Arabic origin. There are so many things to love about the name Kalila. For starters, it means “beloved,” and that’s reason enough to move it to your shortlist. Plus, it just sounds really beautiful. You may also like: Kelia, Kelilah, Keila


16. Katharina

The name Katharina is a girl’s name meaning “pure“ and is of Slavic, German, and Scandinavian origin. Katharina is a very sweet baby name that grants even more adorable nicknames — like Kate, Kathy, Kat, Rina, or Ina. You may also like: Karena, Katana, Katya


17. Kenaya

The name Kenaya is a girl’s name meaning “glory to God” and is of African origin. Kenaya has a very feminine feeling to it and an exotic touch; Naya could be a cute nickname. You may also like: Ksenia, Kenzie, Krizia


18. Layana

Layana is a girl’s name meaning “radiant” and is of Persian, Arabic, and Sanskrit origin. Layana is both a playful and super dreamy baby name. You may also like: Levana, Letizia, Liliette


19. Lissandra

The name Lissandra is a girl’s name meaning “defender of men” and is of Greek origin. Lissandra is a latinate feminine version of the classic name Alexander, which is a much rarer choice than the traditional feminization Alexandra. You may also like: Lileas, Lourdes, Lethia


20. Lumina

The name Lumina is a girl’s name meaning “brilliant light” and is of Spanish origin. Romantic but also so approachable, Lumina sounds like a perfect name for a sparkling baby girl. You may also like: Lovisa, Luminaria, Ludovica


21. Mireille

The name Mireille is a girl’s name meaning “to admire” and is of French origin. This French name has a bit of alluring mystery that helps distinguish it from all the other baby names. You may also like: Magena, Midori, Muriel


22. Noelia

Noelia is a girl’s name meaning “Christmas” and is of Spanish origin. For a lot of families, Christmas is a magical time, so here’s a subtle way to keep that holiday spirit year-round. This name could be an excellent option for a winter baby! You may also like: Nereida, Nicoletta, Novalie


23. Nuria

Nuria is a Catalan name taken from the Virgin of Núria. Alternatively, the name Nuria also means “light” in Arabic, derived from Nur. We think this name is short and sweet but also very melodic. You may also like: Nuala, Nolita, Nastasya


24. Nyala

The name Nyala is a girl’s name meaning “mountain goat” and is of African origin. A very rare name for girls, making it fresh and unusual. This name also fits in nicely among more popular names like Maya and Layla. You may also like: Naarah, Naenia, Nissa


25. Oliviane

Oliviane is a girl’s name meaning “olive tree” and is of Latin origin. A name that comes from nature, inspired by a beautiful tree whose branches represent peace, this is a name is cute because it’s strong, rare, and sounds like a combination of the names Olivia and Vivienne. You may also like: Odelia, Ovelia, Olivine


26. Orenda

The name Orenda is a girl’s name meaning “great spirit, magical power” and is of Native American origin. Aside from being magical, this Native American name is extremely striking and perfect for a one-of-a-kind daughter. You may also like: Ondelyn, Odeya, Ombra


27. Pamina

The name Pamina is a girl’s name meaning “little honey“ and is of Italian origin. Some may choose it because they love Italian name options. Either way, this is an unexpected and sweet choice for a little girl. You may also like: Pandora, Petrina, Peninnah


28. Phaedra

The name Phaedra is a girl’s name meaning “bright” and is of Greek origin. Phaedra is a gorgeous name with mythical undertones and a sense of vintage whimsy. You may also like: Peira, Petra, Pristia


29. Qiana

The name Qiana is a girl’s name meaning “star” and is of Persian origin. It’s so hard not to love a name that starts with Q! While Quinn is a fairly popular name option, Qiana is still totally under the radar. You may also like: Quintessa, Quesley, Quinley


30. Raziya

The name Raziya is a girl’s name meaning “agreeable” and is of African Swahili origin. Simply put, it’s beyond beautiful — and has a certain aura about it that’s loving and warm. You may also like: Raisa, Renee, Rosabel


31. Rowena

The name Rowena is a girl’s name meaning “famous joy” and is of Anglo-Saxon origin. The name Rowena is a powerful choice for the new bundle of joy. We love Winnie for a nickname choice. You may also like: Rozianna, Rumen, Rafaella


32. Seona

The name Seona is a girl’s name meaning “God is gracious“ and is of Scottish origin. Seona has got a carefree, wild and adventurous vibe but rolls off the tongue softly. You may also like: Sania, Sereia, Sidonie


33. Soraya

Soraya is a girl’s name meaning “jewel” and is of Persian origin. Love gem and mineral-inspired names but want something less common than Ruby, then why not consider the beautiful rare name Soraya? You may also like: Sanora, Saskia, Solara


34. Tavia

Tavia is a girl’s name meaning “eighth” and is of Spanish origin. It’s a fun nickname for Octavia and has such a romantic feel. You may also like: Tania, Tannah, Teleza


35. Tierra

Tierra is a girl’s name meaning “Earth” and is of Spanish origin. Tierra is a great option for earthy boho parents who want to give their daughter a nature-loving inspired name. You may also like: Torra, Teresia, Tresa


36. Trina

The name Trina is a girl’s name meaning “pure” and is of Scandinavian origin. You don’t need to be Scandinavian to fall in love with this baby name which keeps things short and sweet. You may also like: Tatiana, Tindra, Trysta


37. Verity

The name Verity is a girl’s name meaning “truth” and is of French via Latin origin. If you’re looking for an adorable baby girl name with a powerful meaning behind it, consider adding Verity to your list of potential names. You may also like: Viveka, Valista, Vesta


38. Vieira

Vieira is a girl’s name meaning “scallop” and is of Spanish origin. V-names are super popular for baby girls, and Vieira is a sweet, beautifully rare option. You may also like: Vella, Vespera, Vietta


39. Zaida

Zaida is a girl’s name meaning “to increase” and is of Arabic origin. This Arabic name has that instant cool factor that all names that start with a Z always have. You may also like: Zadie, Zafira, Zarela


40. Zavia

Zavia is a girl’s name meaning “new house” and is of Basque and Spanish origin. Zavia is a pretty name, free-flowing and full of life. Its simplicity fits perfectly in our modern world. You may also like: Zosia, Zillah, Zandria


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