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50 Made Up Baby Names for Boys

Venture into a world of limitless imagination with our curated list of 50 made-up baby names, suitable for boys, baby boys, and gender-neutral, too. Embracing creativity and originality, these gender-neutral names are crafted from the sheer magic of inventiveness. Each modern invented name possesses a unique charm, evoking a sense of wonder and individuality. From whimsical combinations to innovative phonetics, these baby names transcend convention, offering a fresh canvas for parents seeking something truly distinctive for their little one. Join us on this journey of exploration and discovery, where each modern invented name is a testament to the boundless creativity that knows no bounds. Whether you’re in search of baby names for boys or gender-neutral options, this list provides a playground of creative and imaginative choices.

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1. Ainsen

Alternatives: Anson, Anakin, Austin

2. Alexavier

Alternatives: Alexander, Xavier

3. Audrux

Alternatives: Aldous, Anthony, Atlas

4. Balinor

Alternatives: Balor, Theodore

5. Beccart

Alternatives: Beckett, Everett

6. Bekon

Alternatives: Beckham, Logan

7. Braxley

Alternatives: Braxton, Finley

8. Brevin

Alternatives: Braden

9. Bristan

Alternatives: Tristan, Christian

10. Cellian

Alternatives: Kellan, Cillian, Benjamin

11. Clydence

Alternatives: Clyde, Cooper

12. Corvey

Alternatives: Cory, Levi, Ozzy

13. Cyler

Alternatives: Cyrus, Hunter, Christopher

14. Dakston

Alternatives: Daxton, Hudson

15. Dreylor

Alternatives: Sailor, Sawyer

16. Erodin

Alternatives: Enzo, Julian, Gideon

17. Jevyn

Alternatives: Devin

18. Jover

Alternatives: Joseph, Jett, George

19. Haxel

Alternatives: Axel, Arlo, Gabriel

20. Haysen

Alternatives: Haven, Bryson

21. Kailor

Alternatives: Kyle, Kylo

22. Kashton

Alternatives: Cason

23. Kaspen

Alternatives: Capser, Kobe

24. Kesden

Alternatives: Kessem, Kevin

25. Maeveron

Alternatives: Maverick

26. Maxian

Alternatives: Maxwell

27. Nashton

Alternatives: Nash, Ashton, Walker

28. Nelion

Alternatives: Nolan, Noah, Liam

29. Raznor

Alternatives: Raziel, Reznor

30. Renic

Alternatives: Cedric, Kendrick

31. Rennox

Alternatives: Lennox

32. Revaner

Alternatives: Evander

33. Rhaegan

Alternatives: Reagan

34. Rhyatt

Alternatives: Wyatt, Elias

35. Ruethorn

Alternatives: Rueben

36. Ryis

Alternatives: Reese, Rhys, Lucas

37. Skyden

Alternatives: Skyler

38. Taden

Alternatives: Aiden

39. Terenan

Alternatives: Kiernan, Tiernan

40. Tharen

Alternatives: Darren, Thorian

41. Tovin

Alternatives: Tobias, Theo, Elijah

42. Tylan

Alternatives: Leland

43. Wrenlo

Alternatives: Winslow

44. Xerin

Alternatives: Zerin

45. Xinnaeus

Alternatives:  Phineas

46. Zable

Alternatives: Gable, Zabe

47. Zai

Alternatives: Kai

48. Zaiken

Alternatives: Aiken

49. Zeric

Alternatives: Derick

50. Zyler

Alternatives: Tyler, Ryder

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