Keila Meaning and Origin

Keila is a girl’s name meaning “crown of laurel, fortress” and is of Hebrew origin. Pronounced: KAY-La or KEE-la. In Hebrew, Keila is a feminine given name derived from the Hebrew word “keilah,” which means “fortress” or “stronghold.” It can also be seen as a variant of the name Keziah, meaning “cinnamon” in Hebrew. Keila is also a geographical name in Estonia. It is the name of a small town located in northern Estonia, near Tallinn. The name “Keila” itself is derived from the Keila River, which flows through the town. In Spanish, Keila is a variant of the name Sheila. It is used as a feminine given name and is pronounced as “KAY-lah.” It does not have a specific meaning in Spanish.

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