Larkspur Meaning and Origin

The name Larkspur is a girl’s name meaning “flower” and is of English origin. The name “Larkspur” evokes a sense of nature’s elegance and beauty. Larkspur refers to a group of flowering plants belonging to the genus Delphinium. These plants are known for their vibrant and colorful blossoms that adorn gardens and landscapes. The name itself has a lyrical quality, reminiscent of the bird’s song and the delicate petals of the flower. The name “Larkspur” finds its origin in the natural world. It is directly derived from the flowering plant of the same name, Delphinium consolida, commonly known as larkspur. The plant’s name, in turn, is believed to come from the Latin words “delphis,” meaning dolphin, and “delphinia,” referring to the shape of the flower’s nectar spur resembling the shape of a dolphin. As a given name, Larkspur is relatively uncommon and considered more of a unique and nature-inspired choice. It’s not often found in the top baby name lists, which might make it particularly appealing to parents looking for something distinctive. Nature-themed names have gained popularity in recent years, so Larkspur might resonate with those who appreciate both floral beauty and the outdoors.

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