Aba Meaning and Origin

The name Aba is a girl’s name meaning “born on Thursday” and is of African Ghanaian origin. The name “Aba” also has several possible origins, each contributing to its diversity and cultural significance: In Hebrew, “Aba” is an endearing term used for father, similar to the English word “daddy” or “papa.” It is a warm and affectionate way for a child to address their father. “Aba” is a name of Igbo origin, a prominent ethnic group in Nigeria. In the Igbo language, “Aba” means “four,” and it holds symbolic importance in their culture. In Hungary, “Aba” is a surname and a given name. “Aba” is also found in Aramaic, an ancient language, and it carries a similar meaning to the Hebrew interpretation, signifying “father.” The popularity of the name “Aba” varies depending on the region and culture. In Hebrew-speaking communities, “Aba” is more commonly used as an endearing term within families rather than a formal given name. In contrast, among the Igbo people and in Hungary, “Aba” is more prevalent as a proper given name or surname.

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