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Aban Meaning and Origin

The name Aban is a boy’s name meaning “waters” and is of Persian origin. In Persian, “Aban” is a masculine name that is derived from the ancient Avestan language. In the Avestan language, “Aban” means “water” or “the waters.” Water has always held great importance in Persian culture, symbolizing life, purification, and renewal. In the Zoroastrian religion, water is a sacred element associated with the divinity of the same name, “Aban,” who embodies the spiritual qualities of purity and cleanliness. In Arabic, “Aban” is also a masculine name. Though less common, it is said to mean “clear” or “lucid.” In this context, it reflects qualities of clarity of thought, purity of heart, and transparency of character. In some Indian languages, “Aban” is used as a feminine name, and it is believed to have Sanskrit origins. The name signifies “earth” or “fire,” which are elements of nature associated with strength, energy, and transformation.

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