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Abbott Meaning and Origin

The name Abbott is a unisex name meaning “father” and is of Aramaic and Hebrew origin. The Hebrew name “Abbott” is not a traditional Hebrew name but rather an anglicized form of the Hebrew word “Abba.” In Hebrew, “Abba” is an informal term for “father” and is often used to refer to God as a loving and caring father figure. Alternatively, the surname “Abbott” is derived from the Old English word “abbod” or “abbot,” which means “father” or “priest.” In medieval times, it was used to denote someone who held the position of an abbot, the head of a monastery or an abbey. Some common variations include Abbott, Abbot, Abott, Abbett, Abot, and Abott. As a given name, “Abbott” is relatively rare. However, as a surname, it is more commonly encountered.

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