Adriel Meaning and Origin

Adriel is a boy’s name of Hebrew origin meaning “God is my help.” In Hebrew, “Adriel” is a masculine name that consists of two elements: “Adar” meaning “majesty” or “exalted,” and “El” referring to God. Thus, Adriel is often interpreted as “God’s majesty” or “God is my help.” In Spanish, the name Adriel is derived from the Hebrew origin and holds similar meanings. In ancient times, the name Adriel was mentioned in biblical contexts. In the Old Testament, Adriel was a nobleman and a son-in-law of King Saul. He married Saul’s daughter Merab but later, according to the Book of Samuel, his wife was given to another man. Adriel’s story is one of familial connections and loyalty, reflecting the traits often associated with the name. The popularity of the name Adriel has grown in recent years, becoming more common in various parts of the world. Its rise in usage can be attributed to its melodic sound, positive meanings, and cultural diversity.

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