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Agon Meaning and Origin

The name Agon is a boy’s name meaning “dawn” and is of Albanian origin. In Albanian, Agon cam also mean “assembly” or “gathering.” Alternatively, the name Agon has various origins depending on the culture and language. In Greek, Agon means “contest” or “struggle,” and was often used in the context of athletic competitions or battles. The popularity of the name Agon has varied over time and across different regions. In Greece, where the name has its roots, it is not a very common name today. In Albania, however, it is a more popular name, particularly in the southern part of the country. In other countries and cultures, the name is less well-known. There are a few variations of the name Agon that exist in different languages and cultures. In Greek, for example, the name can be spelled with different accents or variations, such as Ágon or Agónis. In Albanian, the name can also be spelled with different diacritical marks, such as Agoni or Agonë.

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