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Agoston Meaning and Origin

The name Agoston is a boy’s name meaning “great, magnificent” and is of German, Hungarian origin. It is a variation of the name Augustus, which has Latin origins and means “great” or “majestic.” The name Agoston is predominantly used in Hungary and other Central European countries. The name Agoston is a Hungarian variant of Augustus, which was a title given to Roman emperors. It was originally derived from the Latin word “augere,” which means “to increase” or “to prosper.” The name was first used in Ancient Rome as a title for the founder of the Roman Empire, Gaius Octavius Thurinus, who later became known as Augustus Caesar. Over time, the name Augustus and its variants spread across different cultures and languages, including Hungary, where Agoston became a popular variant. In Hungary, Agoston is a relatively common name and has been in use for many centuries. It carries a sense of historical grandeur and nobility due to its connection with the ancient Roman title of Augustus. While its usage might have declined in some modern times, the name still maintains a strong cultural presence, especially among families who value tradition and heritage.

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