Aisling Meaning and Origin

This beautiful name is credited with being the origin of the name Ashley. The name Aisling is a girl’s name meaning “dream, vision” and is of Scottish and Irish origin. It is derived from the Irish word “aislinge,” which means “dream” or “vision.” In Irish mythology and poetry, an aisling is a type of poetic genre in which a vision or dream is depicted in the form of a woman. This woman, often referred to as an “aisling,” represents Ireland and appears to the poet in a vision, typically in a lament or a prophecy. As a given name, Aisling gained popularity in Ireland during the 20th century. It became particularly popular during the Irish literary revival in the late 19th and early 20th centuries when there was a resurgence of interest in Irish mythology and folklore. The name Aisling is often seen as a symbol of Irish cultural identity and has been embraced by Irish people around the world. Aisling is considered a feminine name and is usually pronounced as “ASH-ling” or “ASH-leen” in English.

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