Alroy Meaning and Origin

The name Alroy is a boy’s name meaning red-haired and is of Irish origin. Alternatively, the name Alroy has its roots in Hebrew and is derived from two separate elements: “Al” is a Hebrew word that means “ascend” or “exalted.” It is often used as a prefix in Hebrew names to connote a sense of greatness, elevation, or divine connection. “Roy” is a name of Old French origin, meaning “king” or “royal.” It is derived from the Latin word “regalis,” which signifies regal or royal qualities. Combining these elements, the name Alroy can be interpreted to mean “exalted king” or “royal ascent,” suggesting a person of high status, nobility, or greatness. As the name is relatively uncommon, those named Alroy might enjoy having a distinctive identity and may appreciate the uniqueness of their name.

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