Altan Meaning and Origin

The name Altan is a boy’s name meaning red dawn and is of Turkish origin. In Turkish, “Altan” (pronounced as al-tahn) translates to “red dawn” or “golden sunrise.” “Al” means “red” or “golden,” while “tan” refers to “dawn” or “sunrise.” This interpretation evokes the beautiful imagery of the first rays of the rising sun casting a golden hue over the horizon. In Mongolia, Altan (pronounced as ahl-tahn) means “golden.” The term “Altan” holds deep cultural significance in Mongolian history, as gold is considered a precious metal symbolizing wealth, prosperity, and purity. Historically, the title “Altan Khan” was used for important Mongol leaders. In Irish, “Altan” (pronounced as al-tahn) is believed to be derived from the Gaelic word “alltan,” meaning “cliff” or “rocky place.” It can also be linked to the Irish word “alt,” which signifies a “swan.” The name Altan is a wonderful option for parents seeking a name that carries multiple layers of meaning and cultural significance.

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