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Alva Meaning and Origin

A name common to Sweden and Norway, this moniker is a great alternative to Ava. The name Alva is a girl’s name meaning “white, elf” and is of English, Swedish Scandinavian origin. In Swedish, Alva is primarily considered a feminine name and is derived from the Old Norse name Alfá, meaning “elf” or “supernatural being.” It is associated with the concept of elfin beauty or grace. Alva can also be linked to Hebrew, where it is a variant of the name Alba. In Hebrew, Alba means “dawn” or “sunrise,” symbolizing new beginnings or the start of a bright day. In Gaelic, Alva is a unisex name derived from the Scottish surname MacAlpine or MacAlpin, meaning “son of Alpin.” Alpin was a name borne by several early Scottish kings. Alva is a surname of Spanish and Portuguese origin. It is derived from the word “alba,” meaning “white” in both languages. This surname is associated with noble families and is sometimes found as a given name as well. In medieval times this was used as a boy’s name but has since been revived mainly as a girl’s name.

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