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Amabel Meaning and Origin

The name Amabel is a girl’s name meaning “lovable” and is of Latin origin. The name derives from the Latin word “amabilis,” which translates to “lovable,” “dear,” or “beloved.” As such, Amabel carries a sweet and endearing connotation, symbolizing affection and admiration. The name Amabel can be traced back to medieval times, where it was commonly used in England and France. It emerged as a variant of the more popular name “Mabel,” which also shares the same Latin root. The name Amabel gained popularity during the Middle Ages and has endured to some extent through the centuries. While Amabel has been a known name historically, it experienced fluctuations in usage and popularity over time. It may not have been as widely used as some more common names, but it has retained a degree of charm and elegance that appeals to parents seeking a less conventional yet beautiful name for their daughters. Amabel is adorable and less expected than Anabel and Mabel, and although while not in your face goth, its vintage sound gives it just the right about of gothic Victorian vibes.

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