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Aoife Meaning and Origin

The girl’s name Aoife is a Scottish name meaning: “beauty.” Aoife (pronounced EE-fa) is a traditional Irish name with ancient origins. In Irish Gaelic, “Aoife” is derived from the word “aoibh” meaning “beauty” or “radiance.” The name Aoife has a rich history in Irish mythology and folklore. It was borne by several significant figures in ancient Irish legends, making it a name deeply rooted in Celtic culture. One of the most famous figures with this name is Aoife MacMurrough, a medieval Irish princess and the daughter of Dermot MacMurrough, the King of Leinster. Aoife has been a popular name in Ireland for many years. In recent times, it has gained some popularity outside of Ireland, particularly in English-speaking countries. Aoife is a name that exudes a sense of mystery and ancient charm. With its origins deeply intertwined with Irish legends and mythology, it carries a sense of cultural heritage and uniqueness. The name’s soft, flowing sound gives it a gentle and ethereal quality, making it an appealing choice for parents seeking an elegant and uncommon name for their child.

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