Ara Meaning and Origin

Ara is a unisex name meaning “king” and is of Armenian origin. In Armenian, “Ara” is a masculine given name derived from the ancient Armenian god, Ara the Beautiful. Ara was a legendary hero and king who symbolized beauty, courage, and nobility. In Latin, “Ara” means “altar.” It is often used metaphorically to symbolize a sacred place or a sanctuary. In Arabic, “Ara” is a feminine given name that means “opinion,” “thought,” or “judgment.” It can also mean “face” or “expression.” In Turkish, “Ara” means “gap” or “interval.” It can be used to describe a break or pause between two events. In Hebrew, “Ara” is a variant of the name “Arah,” which means “way” or “path.” It can also be associated with the Hebrew word “arah,” meaning “to gather” or “to pluck.”

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