Artan Meaning and Origin

The name Artan is a boy’s name meaning “virtuous” and is of Persian origin. Alternatively, the name Artan is of Albanian origin. It is a masculine name and has several potential meanings depending on cultural interpretations. In Albanian, “Artan” is thought to be derived from the word “artë,” which means “golden.” In other contexts, it may also be linked to the concept of a “bear” in Celtic languages or be seen as a variant of the name “Arthur” in English. the popularity of the name Artan was not among the most popular names globally. It is more commonly found in regions with significant Albanian communities, such as Albania itself, Kosovo, and among the Albanian diaspora. Artan is a strong and distinctive name with roots in the rich cultural heritage of Albania. Its various meanings, from “golden” to “bear” or even a connection to the legendary figure of King Arthur, add depth and intrigue to the name. 

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