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Asura Meaning and Origin

The name Asura is a girl’s name meaning “powerful” and is of Hindi origin. In Hinduism, Asuras are a group of divine beings who are often depicted as powerful, but malevolent or demonic figures. They are seen as opposing the Devas, the benevolent gods, in the eternal struggle between good and evil. In Hindu mythology, some of the most famous Asuras are Ravana, Hiranyaksha, and Hiranyakashipu. In Buddhism, Asura refers to a group of beings that inhabit one of the realms of existence in the Buddhist cosmology. These beings are characterized by their constant fighting and competitiveness, which causes them to experience a great deal of suffering. Asura is also a name used in modern times. It is a unisex name of Indian origin that means “powerful” or “mighty”. It is sometimes given to children in India and other parts of South Asia.

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