Awan Meaning and Origin

Awan is a boy’s name meaning “somebody” and is of Native American origin. In Hebrew, Awan is a masculine name mentioned in the Old Testament, specifically in the genealogy of Cain, the son of Adam and Eve. It is found in Genesis 4:17 and 1 Chronicles 1:2. In Arabic, Awan is a unisex name that means “time” or “moment,” representing the concept of a specific point in time or an era. The Hebrew origin of the name Awan can be traced back to ancient religious texts, while the Arabic origin comes from the Arabic language’s vocabulary. As a Hebrew name, it might not be very common in modern times. In Arabic-speaking countries, Awan could be found as a given name, but its frequency may not be among the most popular names. Awan is a name with ancient origins and has a rich history in various cultures. It carries different meanings, both reflecting religious significance and conveying a broader concept of time. 

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