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Ayan Meaning and Origin

The name Ayan is a boy’s name meaning “time, era, epoch, age; halting” and is of Arabic; Sanskrit origin. It has multiple meanings depending on the context and language. In Sanskrit, it means “speed” or “swift.” In Hindi, it can also mean “path” or “way.” Ayan is a unisex name in Turkish. It is derived from the word “ay,” which means “moon.” Hence, Ayan can be interpreted as “of the moon” or “moon-like.” Ayan is also a name of African origin, particularly in Somalia and Ethiopia. In Somali, it means “bright” or “clear.” In Ethiopian, it can mean “beautiful.” Ayan is a unisex name in Persian as well. It means “long night” or “endless night.” It can also be associated with the concept of eternity.

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