Azra Meaning and Origin

Azra is a unisex name of Hebrew, and Arabic origin, meaning “pure, maiden.” It is also sometimes considered to be derived from the Hebrew name Azriel, which means “helper of God”. In Islamic tradition, Azra is sometimes used as a title for the Angel Gabriel. It is also the name of a character in Islamic folklore known as the Queen of the Fairies or Peri. The name Azra is not very common in some parts of the world, but it is more popular in regions where Arabic names are prevalent. It is a popular name in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as in Turkey, where it is spelled “Azra” or “Azrahan”. Famous people with the name Azra include Azra Akın, a Turkish-German actress and model, and Azra Raza, a Pakistani-American oncologist and author.

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