Azziz  Meaning and Origin

Azziz is a boy’s name of Arabic origin, meaning “powerful, beloved.” The name Azziz has several related meanings. In Arabic, “Azziz” is an adjective that translates to “dear,” “beloved,” “honored,” or “precious.” It is often used as a term of endearment to express affection and love for someone. In an Islamic context, “Azziz” is also one of the 99 Names of Allah (Asma ul-Husna), signifying the attribute of being “The Mighty” or “The Almighty.” As an Arabic name, the popularity of Azziz varies across different countries and cultures. It is more commonly found among Muslim populations, particularly in regions where Arabic is spoken. Azziz is a name rich in meaning and cultural significance. It carries an aura of warmth and tenderness, as it is often used to express love and affection towards cherished individuals. Parents who choose the name Azziz for their child might do so to signify their child’s value and importance in their lives, emphasizing the child’s role as a beloved and honored member of the family.

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