Baby Names That Mean Moon and Stars

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We rounded up 30 gorgeous baby names for boys and girls inspired by the moon and stars. Some might be recognizable, but others are truly out of this world. Here’s a list of our favorite baby names that mean moon and star to consider for your bright and shining little baby. Click on the name below to find the name meaning, popularity, origin, and other helpful information.

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1. Aster

Star (Greek) Neutral


2. Astra

Star (Greek or Latin) Girl


3. Astro

Of the stars (Greek) Boy


4. Aydan

From the moon (Turkish) Boy


5. Aysel

Moon stream (Turkish) Boy


6. Badriyah

Arabic (resembling the full moon) Girl


7. Chandra

Moon (Sanskrit) Girl


8. Comet

Long-haired star (word name) Boy


9. Danica

Morning star (Slavic) Girl


10. Estelle

Star (French) Girl


11. Evaluna

Life moon (Invented) Girl


12. Hester

Star (Persian) Girl


13. Izar

Star (Basque) Neutral


14. Jerah

Moon (Hebrew) Boy


15. Jericho

City of moons (Arabic) Boy


16. Livana

Moon, white (Hebrew) Girl


17. Luna

Moon (Latin) Girl


18. Magena

Moon (Native American) Girl


19. Mani

Moon (Norse) Neutral


20. Maris

Star of the sea (Latin) Girl


21. Moon

Satellite of the earth (English via Latin) Neutral


22. Qiana

Star (Persian) Girl


23. Selene

Goddess of the moon (Greek) Girl


24. Seren

Star (Welsh) Girl


25. Starley

Invented (Modern) Girl


26. Stella

Star (Latin) Girl


27. Tarak

Morning star (Arabic) Boy


28. Turaya

Star (Arabic) Girl


29. Vesper

Evening star (Latin) Neutral


30. Zabian

One who worships the stars (Arabic) Boy


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