baby names that mean moon and stars

30 Baby Names That Mean Moon and Stars

Within the realm of baby names lies a celestial tapestry woven with an ethereal glow, drawing inspiration from the luminous skies. This curated collection unveils 30 names that encapsulate the cosmic beauty of the night, evoking the serene allure of the moon and the twinkling radiance of distant stars. Each name holds a silent promise, echoing the celestial wonders that have captivated human hearts for eons. Explore this constellation of names, each a shimmering tribute to the celestial heavens, guiding you to find a name as radiant and timeless as the celestial bodies themselves.

1. Aster

Origin: Greek name
Meaning: Star

Similar: Orion

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2. Astra

Origin: Greek or Latin
Meaning: Star

Similar: Andromeda

3. Astro 

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Of the stars

Similar: Apollo

4. Aydan

Origin: Turkish name
Meaning: From the moon

Similar: Artemis

5. Aysel

Origin: Turkish
Meaning: Moon stream

Similar: Amaris

6. Badriyah

Origin: Arabic
Meaning: Resembling the full moon

Similar: Esmeray

7. Chandra

Origin: Sanskrit, Hindi
Meaning: Moon

Similar: Cassiopeia

8. Comet

Meaning: Word name, long-haired star
Similar: Castor

9. Danica

Origin: Slavic
Meaning: Morning star

Similar: Diana

10. Estelle 

Origin: French
Meaning: Star

Similar: Lyra

11. Evaluna

Origin: Modern invented name
Meaning: Life meaning

Similar: Cressida

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12. Hester

Origin: Persian
Meaning: Star

Similar: Helen

13. Izar

Origin: Basque
Meaning: Star

Similar: Indu

14. Jerah

Origin: Hebrew name
Meaning: Moon

Similar: Hala

15. Jericho

Origin: Arabic
Meaning: City of moons

Similar: Hilal

16. Livana

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Moon, white

Similar: Larissa

17. Luna

Origin: Latin, Roman goddess of the moon
Meaning: Moon

Similar: Lusine

18. Magena

Origin: Native American
Meaning: Moon

Similar: Mona

19. Mani

Origin: Norse
Meaning: Moon

Similar: Maha

20. Maris

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Star of the sea

Similar: Sirius

21. Moon

Origin: English via Latin
Meaning: Satellite of the earth

Similar: Oberon

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22. Qiana

Origin: Persian
Meaning: Star

Similar: Neoma

23. Selene

Origin: Greek mythology
Meaning: Goddess of the moon

Similar: Ophelia

24. Seren

Origin: Welsh
Meaning: Star

Similar: Belinay

25. Starley

Origin: Modern invented name
Similar: Rosalind

26. Stella

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Star

Similar: Portia

27. Tarak

Origin: Arabic
Meaning: Morning star

Similar: Titan

28. Turaya

Origin: Arabic
Meaning: Star

Similar: Celeste

29. Vesper

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Evening star

Similar: Reeva

30.  Zabian

Origin: Arabic
Meaning: One who worships the stars

Similar: Zeke

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