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25 Super Badass Names for Tough Fierce Baby Girls

Tough women are strong and a force to be reckoned with. So if you’re looking to give your little girl a badass name, you’re in luck. In a world where women are gaining power, your daughter might be a future trailblazer. These are badass monikers fit for a new generation of women ready to change history. If you want your little girl to grow into a strong independent woman, give her one of these fierce names to jumpstart her journey. Here are some of the most badass girl names that will encourage your baby to become brave and courageous.

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1. Astrid

The name Astrid means “beautiful” and is of Scandinavian origin. Astrid sounds like someone fit to take on the world, and we love that this name isn’t trendy yet.


2. Beatrix

The name Beatrix means “blessed” and is of Latin origin. Beatrix is a modern and fierce take on a classic title, and the -x ending packs a strong and powerful punch.


3. Calixta

The name Calixta means “most beautiful” and is of Greek origin. Another moniker with an -x sound that is strong and unique — Calixta offers cute nickname options, from Cali to Calix, making it a versatile choice.


4. Domino

The name Domino means “lord” and is of Latin origin. This name is perfect for parents looking for a ruler name. We love that it’s not common, but bold and tough non the less.


5. Evren

The name Evren means “the universe, cosmos” and is of Turkish origin. A very unusual but cool name it’s strong and works well for parents who want to go off the grid.


6. Genesis

The name Genesis means “the beginning” and is of Greek origin. The name may seem a little dated, but it’s a great forceful name.


7. Freya

The name Freya means “the lady” and is of Old Norse origin. Although it sounds sweet, it doesn’t mean she can’t be commanding and powerful.


8. Hunter

The name Hunter is a word name of English origin. A title with a modern unisex vibe that still has a powerful meaning.


9. Indigo

The name Indigo means “dark blue” and is of Greek origin. It’s a fresh and edgy substitute for the more popular color monikers, Ruby and Violet.


10. Jude

The name Jude means “praise” and is of English origin. This name isn’t heard too often for girls, but it has just the right amount of attitude and vintage charm fit for a girl ready to take on the world.


11. Katana

The name Katana means “sword” and is of Japanese originKatana is an excellent option for parents looking to honor their Japanese roots or for those that want a moniker with a strong meaning behind it.


12. Leda

The name Leda means “happy” and is of Greek origin. Short and sweet but strong at the same time, this name truly has it all.


13. Maxine

The name Maxine means “greatest” and is of Latin origin. This old-fashioned name has a strong sound combined with a powerful meaning and serious hipster cred.


14. Nova

The name Nova means “new” and is of Latin origin. It’s a friendly alternative to chart-topping Nora and Luna.


15. Orion

The name Orion means “hunter” and is of Greek originOrion is a perfect choice to install bravery and confidence in any girl.


16. Phoenix

The name Phoenix means “purplish-red bird” and is of Greek origin. Phoenix is a fiery and robust choice.


17. Rhyder

Spelling variation of the English word name Rider. A name for parents who aren’t afraid to go in an edgy direction and want something uncommon and unisex. 


18. Rowan

The name Rowan means “little redhead” and is of Irish and Scottish origin. Rowan has a sturdy and independent sound that commands attention.


19. Scout

The name Scout means “to listen” and is of French origin. Scout is an exciting and quirky name perfect for parents who want something that stands out.


20. Tempest

The name Tempest means “stormy” and is of English origin. It’s not a common name, but it’s a great option for anyone wanting a firm name with a fierce meaning.


21. Topaz

Topaz is a gemstone name of French origin. Topaz is a bold name that we don’t hear too often, and we’re on board with making this name more popular in the future.


22. Vesper

The name Vesper means “evening star” and is of Latin origin. A stunning name pick for parents who want their girl to embody the same strength and confidence.


23. Xena

The name Xena means “foreigner” and is of Greek originWe love how the name is short, cute, and strong.


24. Yvonne

The name Yvonne means “yew or tree” and is of French originThere is something about the name Yvonne that is a little old fashion yet exotic at the same time. When we hear this name, we picture a fierce femme fatal.


25. Zelda

The name Zelda means “dark battle” and is of German originThere aren’t many girl names that start with the letter “Z,” which makes Zelda stand out from the crowd.

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