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Baez Meaning and Origin

Baez is a unisex name of Spanish origin, meaning son of Pelayo, crow, black.┬áIt is a patronymic surname derived from the medieval given name “Velasco,” which itself originated from the Basque language. The name “Velasco” is believed to have derived from the Basque words “belasko,” meaning “crow,” and “beltza,” meaning “black.” Over time, the name evolved into Baez and has been used as a family name for generations. The popularity of the name Baez as a surname has been relatively moderate, and it is not among the most common surnames in the world. It is more frequently found in regions with historical ties to Spain or among Spanish-speaking communities. Bearers of the name Baez may take pride in their Spanish heritage and the strength of their ancestry. The name’s connection to “crow” or “black” in the Basque language could also evoke associations with attributes such as intelligence, adaptability, or mystery.

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