Balin Meaning and Origin

The name Balin is a boy’s name meaning “mighty sword” and is of Hindi origin. Alternatively, in Arthurian legend, Balin is a heroic knight known as “Balin le Savage” or “Balin the Savage.” He is famous for his bravery and valiant deeds. The name may have originated from Old French or Celtic languages, where it possibly meant “strong” or “powerful.” In Norse mythology, Balin (also spelled Bálinn) is an alternative name for Balder, the beloved god of light, beauty, and happiness. The name might derive from Old Norse, meaning “lord” or “prince.” The popularity of the name Balin is relatively low. Names associated with Arthurian legend and Norse mythology may have niche appeal to those with an interest in medieval tales or ancient cultures. Balin is a name that carries a sense of strength, courage, and nobility, likely due to its associations with heroic characters in Arthurian legend and Norse mythology. Its origins in different cultural contexts give it a diverse and intriguing appeal for parents seeking a name with historical or mythical significance.

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