Belial Meaning and Origin

Belial is a boy’s name of Hebrew origin, meaning worthless.” In Jewish and Christian theology, Belial is often referred to as a demon or fallen angel, associated with darkness, deceit, and wickedness. The name Belial is derived from the Hebrew word “b’liya’al” which means “worthless” or “lawless”. In the Old Testament, the term “sons of Belial” is used to describe a group of wicked men who opposed God’s will and caused trouble in Israel. In the New Testament, Belial is sometimes associated with the devil or Satan, who is seen as the embodiment of evil. In some modern interpretations, Belial is seen as a symbol of rebellion against authority or societal norms. In occult and mystical traditions, Belial is sometimes seen as a powerful spirit or deity who can be invoked for various purposes.

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