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Benen Meaning and Origin

The name Benen is a boy’s name meaning mild, little peak and is of Irish origin. Benen is an Irish name derived from the Gaelic word “beannán,” which means “little peak” or “miniature peak.” The name is often associated with the concept of a small hill or mound. The name Benen has ancient roots in Irish history and is closely tied to the early Celtic traditions of Ireland. It has historical significance as the name of a saint in early Christian Ireland. Saint Benen, also known as Saint Beinéin, was a disciple of Saint Patrick and was said to have been blessed by Saint Patrick to become a great preacher and teacher. The name Benen is not very common and does not rank high in popularity charts. It was considered a rare and unique name, particularly outside of Ireland. Benen is a name with a rich cultural heritage, especially in Ireland. Its connection to Saint Benen adds a touch of historical and religious significance to the name. 

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