Berengaria Meaning and Origin

Berengaria is a girl’s name meaning “maiden of the bear-spear” and is of English origin. Berengaria is a female given name of medieval origin. Its meaning is associated with “bear” (from the Germanic element “bera”) and “spear” (from the element “ger”). Therefore, the name Berengaria can be interpreted as “bear-spear” or “brave as a bear.” Berengaria has its roots in medieval Europe, particularly during the Middle Ages. It gained popularity in various European countries during this time, notably in England, Spain, and Portugal. The name’s association with bravery and strength likely contributed to its appeal among medieval nobility and royalty. Over the centuries, Berengaria’s popularity has fluctuated, and it is now considered a rare and unique name. During its peak in medieval times, it was more prevalent among the noble and aristocratic classes. Berengaria is a name steeped in historical significance and carries an air of regal charm. Its medieval origin adds a touch of mystique, making it an appealing choice for parents who admire history and are drawn to names with a unique flair. The name’s association with bears and spears suggests strength, courage, and tenacity, making it an empowering choice for a strong and resilient individual. If you’re ready to raise a powerful woman, Berengaria is the name for your little girl. 

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