Cabel Meaning and Origin

Cabel is a boy’s occupational name of English origin meaning “a maker of ropes, horse like.” The name Cabel is derived from the Middle English word “cabbel” or “cabel,” which means “horse” or “horse-like.” It is often associated with the qualities of strength, power, and grace, symbolizing the majestic nature of horses. The name Cabel has its roots in medieval England, where it was likely used as a descriptive name for someone who had a connection to horses, such as a horse breeder, trainer, or someone who displayed characteristics reminiscent of a horse’s qualities. The popularity of the name Cabel has been relatively modest throughout history. It is not a common name and may be considered somewhat rare. Cabel is a strong and distinctive name with a historical charm. It carries the imagery of noble and graceful horses, evoking qualities like strength, elegance, and determination. 

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