Cainen Meaning and Origin

Cainen is a boy’s name of Hebrew origins, meaning: “possessed.” Spelling variation of Cainan, a name that appears in the Bible, particularly in the Old Testament, in the genealogy of Jesus Christ as recorded in the Gospel of Luke. In Luke 3:36, Cainan is listed as the son of Enosh and the father of Mahalalel. Some scholars believe that it may be a variant of the name Kenan, which means “possession” or “sorrow” in Hebrew. Others believe that it may be related to the Sumerian name Ka-inan, which means “created man.” Alternatively, the most well-known origin comes from Hebrew biblical roots. In the Bible, Cain was the first son of Adam and Eve, and he became infamous for committing the first recorded murder by killing his brother Abel. As a result, the name “Cain” has often been associated with the idea of someone who brings forth a sense of rebellion or controversy.

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