Caio Name Meaning and Origin

Caio is a variant spelling of the Italian and Portuguese name “Caio,” which is derived from the ancient Roman family name “Gaius.” In Latin, Gaius was a common given name meaning “rejoice” or “glad.” The name Caio is more commonly seen in Brazil and Italy. In Brazil, it has been moderately popular over the years, while in Italy, it has seen some usage but is less common compared to other names. Caio carries an air of warmth and friendliness, reflecting the easygoing nature of those who bear the name. With its smooth pronunciation and exotic charm, Caio is a name that exudes positivity and approachability, making it an excellent choice for a sociable and affable individual. Famous People Named Caio: Caio Duilio: An Italian naval commander and politician who lived during the Roman Republic. He was known for his military prowess and played a significant role in naval battles. Caio Ribeiro: A retired Brazilian footballer who played as a forward or attacking midfielder.

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