Carina Meaning and Origin

The name Carina is a girl’s name meaning “beloved” and is of Latin origin. Carina is derived from the Latin word “carina,” which means “keel” or “the bottom of a ship.” In Latin, it can also refer to the constellation Carina, which represents the keel of the ship Argo Navis in Greek mythology. In Italian, Carina is the feminine form of the word “carino,” meaning “cute,” “pretty,” or “lovely.” It can be used as a term of endearment.  A dreamy name that’s simple and pretty. “Che Carina”, means “how cute” in Italian. Carina is a common Swedish name derived from the word “karin,” which means “pure” or “beloved.” Carina can be derived from the Spanish word “caro,” meaning “dear” or “beloved.”

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