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Ascelin Meaning and Origin The name Ascelin is a boy's name meaning "heathen god" and is of Norman origin. Derived from ancient Germanic ansuz, Ansuz was one of the deities in Germanic paganism.  Posts with the name Ascelin: 60 Goth Baby Names from the Darkside for...


Carden Meaning and Origin The name Carden is a boy's name meaning "thistle" and is of Anglo-Norman French origin. Carden comes from Anglo-Norman French cardon. Sharing its name with a garden herb, the name Carden could be a great fit for a little boho baby boy. You...


Montgomery is a Norman boy’s name meaning: “manpower”.


Mortimer Meaning and Origin Mortimer is a boy’s name of English origin, meaning: “dead sea.” Originally a surname of Norman baronial origin borne by the lords of Mortemer in Normandy. The place-name meant ‘dead sea’ in Old French.


Neville Meaning and Origin The name Neville is a boy's name meaning "new settlement" and is of French origin. Originally a surname from several places in Normandy France called Néville or Neuville ‘new settlement’.


The boy’s name Niven is a Scottish name meaning: “little saint”.


Norval Meaning and Origin The name Norval is a boy's name meaning "town of the Normans" and is of Scottish origin. An Anglo-Scottish surname which is a variant of Norville, a Norman French surname brought to Britain during the Norman Conquest.


Wesley is an English name meaning: “west meadow”.

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