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Allirea Meaning and Origin Allirea is a girl's name meaning "quartz" and is of Aboriginal origin. 


Jedda Meaning and Origin The name Jedda is a girl's name of Noongar origin meaning "wren." Posts with the name Jedda:  60 Unusual Girl Names No One Else Will Have


Derived from Maori Kiri which means tree bark, or the Aboriginal word kira “leaf”.


It is an unidentified word or name from an Aboriginal language.


A New Zealand name pronounced ‘nye-oh’: from the Maori word ngaio.


A common name in New Zealand usually transcribed as Ngaire.


Orana Meaning and Origin Orana is a girl's name of Australian Aboriginal origin, meaning "moon".  Posts with the name Orana:  Unique Space Names for Girls


A place in New South Wales derived from an Aboriginal word for a type of fig tree found in the area.


Wurren Meaning and Origin Wurren is a boy's name of Aboriginal Australian (Wardaman) origin, meaning "child." Wurren is also the name of a multiple star system. Posts with the name Wurren: 105 Space Baby Names for Boys

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