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Abbott Meaning and Origin The name Abbott is a unisex name meaning “father” and is of Aramaic and Hebrew origin. Derived from the Aramaic abba ‘father’.


Barnaby Meaning and Origin The name Barnaby means “son of exhortation” and is of English via Aramaic origin. Posts with the name Barnaby: Whimsical & Enchanting Names for Boys


Isaiah is an Aramaic boy’s name meaning: “salvation of the lord”.


Salome Meaning and Origin Salome is a girl’s name meaning “peace” and is of Hebrew origin. Greek form of an Aramaic name, akin to the Hebrew word shalom ‘peace’. It was a common name at the time of Christ.


The girl’s name Tabitha is a English name from Aramaic meaning: “gazelle”.


Talitha Meaning and Origin Talitha is a girl's name meaning "little girl" and is of Aramaic origin. Of New Testament origin from an Aramaic word meaning ‘little girl’ (Mark 5:41).


Thaddeus is an Aramaic boy’s name meaning: “gift of god”.


Thomas is an Aramaic name meaning: “twin”.


Thomasine Meaning and Origin Thomasine is a girl’s name of Aramaic origin, meaning “twin.”  Posts with the name Thomasine: 60 Victorian Girls Names with Cute Nicknames


Xiamara Meaning and Origin Xiamara is a girl's name of Aramaic origin meaning "famous in battle".  Posts with the name Xiamara: 20 Unique but Stunningly Beautiful Girl Names 500 of the Prettiest Girl Names You’ve Ever Heard

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