Haizea Meaning and Origin Haizea is a girl's name of Basque origin, meaning "wind."  Posts with the name Haizea: 100 Hauntingly Gorgeous Dark and Romantic Goth Baby Names


Imanol Meaning and Origin The name Imanol is a boy's name meaning "God is with us" and is of Basque origin. Pronounced: ee-maa-nohl. Basque form of Emmanuel from Hebrew ‘Immanu’el.


Inigo Meaning and Origin Inigo is a boy's name meaning "fire" and is of Spanish, Basque origin. From the medieval Spanish name Íñigo, a vernacular derivative of Ignatius, a result of crossing the name with Ennecus.  Posts with the name Inigo: 60 Gorgeous Spanish Names...


Izar Meaning and Origin Izar is a unisex name of Basque origin, meaning "star." The name of a binary star in the northern constellation of Boötes. Posts with the name Izar: 105 Space Baby Names for Boys Baby Names That Mean Moon and Stars


Naiara is a  place name, from the Basque Spanish city Nájera, that is of Arabic origin.


Xavia Meaning and Origin Xavia is a girl's name of Basque, Arabic origin meaning "new house, bright". Feminine form of Xavier. Posts with the name Xavia: 500 of the Prettiest Girl Names You’ve Ever Heard


Xavian Meaning and Origin Xavian is a boy's name of Basque origin, meaning "new house."   


Xavier Meaning and Origin The name Xavier is a boy's name meaning "new house” and is of Basque origin.  Posts with the name Xavier: Whimsical & Enchanting Names for Boys


Xaviera is a Basque name meaning: “new house”.


Zavia Meaning and Origin Zavia is a girl's name meaning "new house" and is of Basque and Spanish origin. Zavia is a pretty name, free-flowing and full of life. Its simplicity fits perfectly in our modern world. You may also like: Zosia, Zillah, Zandria Posts with the...

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