Boy. Chinese “elder brother rain”


Enlai is a Chinese boy’s name meaning: “favor coming.”


Kannon Meaning and Origin The name Kannon is a boy's name meaning "a Chinese Buddhist deity of mercy and compassion" and is of Japanese origin. The name "Kannon" is derived from the Japanese word "Kanzeon", which is the Japanese pronunciation of the Sanskrit word...


Lian Meaning and Origin Lian is a unisex name of Chinese origin, meaning "lotus". The name "Lian" is a beautifully versatile name with both depth and elegance. It has various origins and meanings across different cultures, making it a name that can carry different...


Liena Meaning and Origin Liena is a girl's name of Chinese origin, meaning "lotus". In some instances, "Liena" may be a diminutive or a nickname derived from longer names like Elena, Lena, Helena, or Magdalena. These names have origins in various cultures and...


Meili Meaning and Origin Meili is a girl's name of Chinese origin, meaning "beautiful". Meili is a popular name in China and other Chinese-speaking countries. In recent years, Meili has gained some popularity in Western countries, particularly in the United States and...


Shan is a Chinese name meaning: “mountain”.


Yanlin is a Chinese name meaning: “swallow forest”.


Zemin is a Chinese name meaning: “favor to the people.”

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