“F” Unisex Names

We’ve compiled a list of baby names in each category to help you choose the perfect name. Click on a name to find the name meaning, popularity, origin, and other helpful information.


Fable Meaning and Origin Fable is a unisex word name meaning "story." Posts with the name Fable: 100 Baby Names For Girls That Are Super Rare


Fallon (FAH-lin) is a Irish girl’s name meaning: “leader”.


Farron Meaning and Origin Farron is a unisex name of French, English origin meaning "handsome servant".  Posts with the name Farron: 100 Baby Names For Boys That Are Super Rare


Feliz Meaning and Origin Feliz is a unisex name of Latin origin, meaning: “lucky.” Posts with the name Feliz: 30 Non-Traditional Christmas Baby Names for Your Little Bundle of Joy


Fern Meaning and Origin The name Fern is a unisex name meaning "plant" and is of English origin. A plant name from Old English fearn.  Posts with the name Fern: 60 Boho Names for Girls That Are As Unique As They Are Gorgeous 50 Most Popular Unisex Names on All Things...


Fife Meaning and Origin The name Fife is a boy's place name of Scottish origin. Originally a surname for someone from the region of Fife.


Finley is a Scottish name meaning: “fair hero”.


Flynn is an Irish name for a boy or girl meaning: “red-haired”.


Frankie Meaning and Origin Frankie is a unisex name meaning "from France; free man" and is of English origin. A diminutive of Frank or Francesca. Current Popularity: #591 for a girl and #979 for a boy. Posts with the name Frankie: Rockabilly Baby Names for Girls and...


Frost Meaning and Origin Frost is a unisex name meaning “white-haired” and is of English origin. An English surname that can also mean “born in a cold spell”.

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