“I” Unisex Names

We’ve compiled a list of baby names in each category to help you choose the perfect name. Click on a name to find the name meaning, popularity, origin, and other helpful information.


Ilan Meaning and Origin Ilan is a unisex name of Hebrew origin, meaning “tree.” Posts with the name Ilan: 50 Unisex Baby Names You Haven't Heard Before


Indigo (in-duh-gow) is a girl’s name of Greek origin meaning: “dark blue”.


Ireland Meaning and Origin Ireland is a unisex name of Irish origin, meaning "land of abundance".  Posts with the name IIreland: 


Irie Meaning and Origin Irie is a unisex name of Jamaican origin, meaning "cool, good, nice or peace, harmony".  Posts with the name Irie: 


Isra Meaning and Origin The name Isra is a boy's name meaning "night journey" and is of Arabic origin. A reference to the story of Muhammad’s night journey to Jerusalem.  


Israh Meaning and Origin Israh is a unisex name meaning "he who struggles" and is of Spanish origin. Posts with the name Israh: 60 Gorgeous Spanish Names for Girls and Boys


Izar Meaning and Origin Izar is a unisex name of Basque origin, meaning "star."  Posts with the name Izar: 105 Space Baby Names for Boys Baby Names That Mean Moon and Stars

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