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Alice (A-lis or AL-iss) is a French and English name meaning: “noble”.


A name from Spenser’s poem The Faerie Queene.


A literary coinage by Henrik Ibsen from his play Peer Gynt (1867).


Arrietty is a literary name from the  children’s book The Borrowers.


Astrophel Meaning and Origin Astrophel is a boy's name of literary origin, meaning "star lover."  Posts with the name Astrophel: 105 Space Baby Names for Boys


Atreyu Meaning and Origin The name Atreyu is a literary name of German origin.  Posts with the name Atreyu: Whimsical & Enchanting Names for Boys


Avalon is a Welsh name meaning: “island of apples”.


Belphoebe Meaning and Origin Belphoebe is a girl's literary name. Belphoebe is a character in Edmund Spenser's poem The Faerie Queene. According to the author, the name means "beautiful Diana." Posts with the name Belphoebe: Gorgeous Long and Unique Elaborate Names...


Caliban ♂ Shakespearean literary name; Romanian "the tempest, black" Caliban Meaning and Origin Caliban is a boy’s name of Shakespearean literary name; Romanian origin, meaning “the tempest, black.” Posts with the name Caliban Modern Magic Baby Names for...


Calliope is a Greek name meaning: “beautiful voice”.


(Italian) famous.


Coraline is a literary name that is a diminutive of Caroline


Cordelia is a Latin girl’s name meaning: “heart”


Crusoe Meaning and Origin Crusoe is a boy’s literary name of English origin.  Posts with the name Crusoe: 25 Unique Middle Names for Boys


Ellaria Meaning and Origin Ellaria is a girl's name of Arabic and a literary name of unknown meaning.   Posts with the name Ellaria: 100 Baby Names For Girls That Are Super Rare


Eloise is a French name meaning: “healthy, wide”.


Gatsby Meaning and Origin The name Gatsby is a boy's literary name of German origin. A literary name and a German surname. Posts with the name Gatsby: 25 Unique Middle Names for Boys


Hamlet Meaning and Origin The name Hamlet is a boy's literary name and is of Danish origin. Anglicized form of Danish name Amleth, used by Shakespeare in his play ‘Hamlet’ (1600). Posts with the name Hamlet: 100 Forgotten Vintage Names for Girls and boys


Holden is an English boy’s name meaning: “from the hollow valley”. 


Isadora Meaning and Origin If ever there were a name to make you swoon, this is it. This exotic alternative to “Isabella” is romantic and adventurous, graceful and sophisticated. Plus, there’s some adorable nickname potential: Dora, Izzy, Isa, Iz, Dory, Sadie, Ida...


Katniss (cat-niss) is a fictional girl’s name.


Keats Meaning and Origin Keats is a boy’s name of English origin, meaning: “kite.” English literary name. This rare one-syllable boy name will ensure your little man is adventurous and full of fun. Posts with the name Keats: 100 Unique Names for Boys You Won’t Hear On...


Lestat Meaning and Origin Lestat is a fictional character name invented by author Anne Rice. The character Lestat is a vampire appearing in several of her novels. The name may be derived from Old French or Occitan l'estat "state, status." Posts with the name Lestat:...


Lilliet Meaning and Origin Lilliet is a girl's American literary name. The name of the heroine of Alexander Chee's novel Queen of the Night, Lilliet Berne. A combination of Lillian and Juliet. Posts with the name Lilliet: 20 Unique but Stunningly Beautiful Girl Names...


Lorien is a literary name


Lorna Meaning and Origin Lorna is a great option for those wanting something short and sweet with vintage vibes.  The name Lorna is a girl's name meaning "laurel tree" and is of Scottish origin. A feminine form of Lorne and from the Scottish place name Lorn. It is...


Madeline is an English name meaning: “of Magdala”.


Matilda is a German name meaning: “strength in battle”.


Minea Meaning and Origin Minea is a girl's Finnish literary name, Invented by Finnish writer Mika Waltari for a character in his 1945 novel The Egyptian. Posts with the name Minea: Finnish Baby Names for Girls


The girl’s name Nerissa is a Greek name meaning: “sea sprite”.


Ollivander Meaning and Origin The name Ollivander is a boy's literary name.  Posts with the name Ollivander: 50 Surnames For Boys That Aren’t Overused


The girl’s name Perdita is a Latin name meaning: “lost”.


Renly Meaning and Origin The name Renly is a unisex modern name invented by George R.R. Martin for his series A Song of Ice and Fire.  Posts with the name Renly: 100 Cute First & Middle Name Combinations For Girls Unique Names for Boys You Won’t Hear On The...


Sauron ♂ Literary name from "the abhorred" Sauron Meaning and Origin Sauron is a boy’s name of Literary name from The Lord of the rings, meaning “the abhorred.” Posts with the name Sauron Modern Magic Baby Names for Boys


Theoden Meaning and Origin Theoden is a boy’s literary name from  J. R. R. Tolkien’s fantasy novel, The Lord of the Rings.  Posts with the name Theoden: Invented and Uncommon Names for Boys


Vanessa ♀ Latin, literary name "species of butterfly" Vanessa Meaning and Origin Vanessa is a girl's name meaning "species of butterfly" and is of Latin, literary name origin.  Posts with the name Vanessa Stylish Names for Girls That Are Worthy Of The Runway

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